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8 out of 10

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review

By Cara Sutra

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo aka The Guybrator is, wait for it, a ‘revolutionary male stimulator‘ with ‘next-generation’ technology. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking ‘yeah, right – what, again?’ upon reading these by now, all too familiar words. Unfazed by the claims of all emerging sex toys on the market to be ‘revolutionary’ and ‘innovative’, I took the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo and determined to form my own, honest opinion about this product based on my experiences with it.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review Pulse Guybrator Review

Thankfully, the people at Hot Octopuss had provided the Pulse Solo/The Guybrator free of charge for me, for this very purpose.

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So what is it? The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is a sex toy for men, which can also be used by couples during foreplay, although not during penetrative sex. Looking something like a Cylon helmet or a grenade, this device holds an obvious appeal to men with its easy to hold, gadget style shape and dark, masculine colour.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo has a silicone inner area, with wrap around ‘wings’, while the outer, convex part has a shiny ABS plastic cover. The outer side is adorned with 3 ridges, supposedly to maintain grip and add to the friction when used with her.

Opening the sleekly designed box which has clear diagrams of the two ways to use the PULSE, you pull out the inner plastic moulded insert into which the product is set. This keeps it safe during transit through to delivery, from the time of manufacture. There is also a small leaflet with information and usage instructions, as well as the USB charging lead.

I was quite surprised that for a sex toy styling itself as high end, there was no storage pouch provided, particularly as the majority of the toy is silicone (flame checked). As you can see in the pics, it does attract fluff, and it’s not like you can rinse it under a tap as it’s sadly not waterproof.

To get the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo started, you need to charge it up. You plug one end of the lead into the port under the silicone flap at the base of the PULSE, while the other, USB end goes into any USB port you like. A full charge takes 4 hours and gives up to 2 hours constant play time. A red LED shows above the charging port while charging, turning to green when the PULSE is fully charged.

There is a button on either side of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo, a + and -. Press and hold + to turn on, then escalate up the vibration power. Press – to lower the vibration setting, press and hold to turn off. If you’re using this product alone, you do need to either get clear in your head before you start which side is which, or alternately have someone else do the pressing and using on you. Which is always fun.

The premise of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo is pretty simple, once you take a quick look at the box diagrams and the included leaflet. You can use it in two ways. The main purpose of PULSE is as a male stimulator. His penis is placed within the side folds of the PULSE, while the vibrating pad inside, decorated with a crown, stimulates his penis. This can be during solo masturbation or a partner can use it on him.

The secondary use of PULSE is as a couples’ foreplay sex toy. His penis is once again encased in the PULSE, while she sits astride him, allowing the vibrations to also tease and stimulate her clitoris with erotic back and forth motions. You can also use it during missionary position style sex. The woman can enjoy the ridges on the outer ABS part of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo, as well as the vibration, while he gets the friction from her added to the powerful vibration down his shaft.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review Pulse Guybrator Review

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review Pulse Guybrator Review

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review Pulse Guybrator Review

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As the inner area is silicone, it may be more comfortable on his flesh, whether he has hair there or not, to use some water based lubricant on the inside of Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo.

I’ve tried the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo out with my partner in the ways described above and I wasn’t really expecting it to work, if I am completely honest. That’s not really the fault of the toy, it’s just he is very particular about the use of sex toys and if it’s not manual stimulation, sex or something pervertedly kinky (swoon) then it needs to be a damn good sex toy to get him off.

Turning the PULSE on for the first time, I wished I had a penis to put inside it. My own I mean, not just his. I wanted to feel the sensations for myself. The vibrations on the inside of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo, where the back-and-forth motion pad is located, are very strong indeed. They didn’t feel as strong on the outside of the toy, although you could definitely still feel them.

During use, it’s best if he is erect first before placing his penis inside the PULSE, at least, inside the folds of the PULSE. It’s not an all enveloping toy, as a masturbator is; it’s more of an open stroker almost along the same lines as the Rocks Off Hand Solo. Although the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo isn’t only for men, of course.

Using some water based lubricant on his penis worked better than coating the inside of the toy.  It’s him that needs to be lubricated, for the contact with the silicone, rather than a slippery silicone surface that may or may not be in contact with his particular shape. Subtle difference, but coat him – not the product. You don’t have to use lubricant but you may find it more comfortable to do so.

Although a slight up and down motion – like when using strokers or masturbators – was pleasant, it was the vibrating pad that really made the difference. It only took a little bit of motion for the vibration to work its magic. I think we were both surprised (shocked) when the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo delivered, leaving him breathless and sated. At least for the moment!

He did need to hold it in place, so it’s not a hands free toy. If you let go, the toy waggles about without direction and this was quite frustrating – it needs a guiding hand.

We also used the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo as a couples’ sex toy, during foreplay, as suggested by the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo accompanying material. Starting off the same, with the PULSE over his penis, he laid on his back while I got astride him. The added pressure of me on top doubtless added to the enjoyment, and the session got heated fairly quickly.

What I didn’t expect was the mental images of him being in a chastity cage and still using the PULSE in this way – another use for the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo? For orgasm control and denial fetishists only, perhaps. I certainly know many in BDSM and in male chastity who would love the idea of this! I think it could work regardless of a chastity cage which keeps the penis pointing up or the traditional way of it pointing down.

Anyway I pulled myself back in the moment and focussed on the sensations. Although the vibrations were enjoyable for clitoral stimulation, I do require a more powerful and precise stimulation there to actually orgasm. However, it is designed for foreplay and erotic moments when used as a couple, not to ‘get off’ too. With this in mind, it certainly did its job and we were ready for sex after using the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo together. It’s difficult not to be ready for sex when he’s been encased in a vibrator which I am also sitting astride, atop him, naked.

Against all the odds, I do like the PULSE and he absolutely loves it. It’s a winner. There’s a little bit of noise from the vibrating pad (under 55db according to the leaflet) but this wasn’t an issue for us. It’s rechargeable so there’s no need to buy batteries, and the vibrations for men are simply orgasmic.

I have two suggestions for future versions. Firstly, make the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo waterproof, as I would like to try it out in water, as well as having no worries during cleaning. Secondly, supply a storage pouch to keep it in. These points don’t detract from the PULSE being a great product for men (and couples) and it’s a toy that we’re keeping close by the bed for many future uses.

The PULSE male masturbator/stimulator will soon be available from stockists worldwide, priced at £69 in the UK. I will add a purchase link once available. In the meantime you can find out more about the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo at the Hot Octopuss site here.

Update 12 November 2013: You can now buy the Hot Octopuss Pleasure PULSE Male Masturbator and Couples Sex Toys at Lovehoney! Free discreet UK delivery too.


Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review Pulse Guybrator Review

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Quick Review:

What’s the full product title/name?


How big is it/size?

Length 4.5 inches, maximum diameter 2.5 inches, maximum circumference 8.3 inches (all approx)

What is it made from/which material?

Silicone (flame tested) with an ABS front plate

Which batteries does it take? Is it rechargeable?

USB rechargeable with included lead

Which lubricants can I use with it/compatible lubes?

Water based only

How many modes of vibration does it have/number of modes?

9 steps of increasing vibration

Is it waterproof?


Does it contain latex?


Does it contain phthalates?


Does it come with a storage bag?


Does it come with full instructions?


Does it have a guarantee or warranty?

Yes, one year’s manufacturer’s warranty




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