History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures Book Review | Karl F Sturer Collection, Goliath Books

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History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures Book Review | Karl F Sturer Collection, Goliath Books

It’s not often that I accept a book for review purposes, but this was a title I found impossible to refuse. History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures, from the Karl F Sturer collection and published by Goliath Books, is a treasure chest of corporal punishment photographs and illustrations, plus a wealth of related information ready to be devoured by fascinated kinksters. Both veteran BDSMers and intrigued newbies to the scene will delight in this compact but tantalising voyage of discovery.

History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures is a hardback book and felt like a gem in my library from the very instant I tore off the transparent shrink-wrap. The vintage, colourised, birch-spanking scene on the cover alludes to the type of sexual punishment photographs you can expect to enjoy within the many pages.

From simply looking at the book cover online you might imagine that this is a medium to large sized book, but you’d be wrong. It measures just 18cm height by 11.5.cm width. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the book doesn’t adequately cover its chosen subject. History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures has 265 pages of glorious photographs, drawings and other illustrations depicting erotic corporal punishment in all its forms, with various genders and couplings/groups -as well as mesmerising facts and historical accounts.

It’s not all visual either; knowledge-hungry kinksters can learn about the history of S&M, various philosophical motions relating to the subject as well as psychological motivations, in the written chapters surrounding the visual feast.

The foreword is not only in English, but also French, German, Italian and Spanish, while the rest of the book offers the various chapters first in English then in German.

The book gives a thorough account of the history of sexual punishment, not only from the point of view of erotic media of the day, but origins such as the Roman empire’s constructs, and the role of religion in S&M’s long, fascinating history. At first, flagellation as purely punishing, a sentence for cited ‘crimes’; after accusations that those doling out the punishment were sexually aroused by the act, eroticism and arousal began to be strongly associated with corporal punishment, both from the point of view of the ‘punisher’ and the one seeking/requiring physical penance.

Discipline parent-to-child as well as teacher-to-student is discussed, in terms of how a history of spanking ‘naughty children’ is likely to have contributed to adult persons engaging in themed, consensual, adult roleplay situations. So to with domestic violence; how something so wrong and horrific can be perverted towards consensual, pleasurable roleplay where adults take the role of disciplinarian husband or wife, and ‘firmly corrected’ spouse.

Obviously, the buttocks are often the central focus in erotic corporal punishment. Spanking, flogging, whipping… whatever it may be, the fleshy area of the rump is the safest and most desirable point of contact. History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures goes beyond the obvious for why the bum is the usual focus point, and looks at psychological as well as physiological reasons for its significance. I found this particularly interesting.

Finally, there’s an overview of the types of equipment that may be used to deliver sensual punishment, along with several vintage photographs.

History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures Book Review | Karl F Sturer Collection, Goliath Books

History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures is a treasure trove for anyone with even the slightest interest in BDSM; corporal punishment in particular of course. For seasoned BDSMers, it’s a glorious addition to your existing library –and a fine way to get ‘in the mood’.

Buy your copy from Goliath Books for £34.99.

Thanks so much to Goliath Books for sending History of Sexual Punishment In Pictures from the Karl F. Sturer collection to me in exchange for this fair and honest review.

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