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9 out of 10

Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli Erotic Book Review (Bride of Fire Book 1)

Review of Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli, by reviewer Kikka_jennie

I thoroughly love to read and feed my 2 book a week habit, so being given the chance to review a book for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel made me lick my lips with anticipation.

Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli Erotic Book ReviewHidden Embers by Jane Burrelli is a slow burner but a wonderful set up to the rest of the series to which there is a snippet in at the end of this book. Hidden Embers is about the Fire princess meeting the Ice lord, while being in exile ending with some interesting mishaps and finding love along their way.

I really enjoyed how the scene was set, a depth to the backgrounds and scenery which was not too wordy or heavy on the very small details, it meant you got on with the story and understanding the characters more. The characters were relatable, and made me want to find out what will happen with their (almost) star crossed lover of opposites, fire and ice, effects. It’s a romance but with a lovely fantasy twist and some naughty spanking thrown in for the kinky mix.

The main characters are both strong which causes funny issues as well as some tension which builds into sexual tension. Both being strong for their gender means this book is relatable for both men and women as the book splits from both perspectives, which i thought makes this book more likable as you see it from the other sex’s perspective. It is not done negatively to either side or one tracked, it explains thought processes and ideals.

One of my favorite phrasing from this book is “Khatri’s tits” always made me smile as a polite form of “oh dear”. It was used in a way which created the world of this book more relatable to every day life, again making the world created by Jane Burrelli more real.

Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli had me wondering what would happen next, had me guessing how they would work together or if they would, I am wondering what will happen in the next parts of the series as so many questions are unanswered. This book had me gripped within the first couple of paragraphs and I soon realised I had zoomed through 30% within my first sitting.

The negative areas of the book were minimal and mainly to do with punctuation, I would have liked to hear more of the main characters erotic times together, but that is my personal preference, this book has such a strong storyline to follow, I would have also liked to hear more about the ice-landers way of life but guessing this may come along in the future.

For some, the beginning of Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli may be shocking, as the main character Mira (as she is known here) is with some slavers who would like their way with those whom they have collected on the way, but, for me, this shows how far the fire princess has come and how her life has now changed.

I would recommend this book for any romance, fantasy lover and due to the content being a young adult. The language is easy to pick up and read as well as explaining the world they live in simply.

I would say this book, Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli, is a solid 9/10 -and I cant wait for more of the series!

– Kikka_jennie

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kikka_jennie for this review of the erotic e-book: Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli.

Hidden Embers by Jane Burrelli was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂


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