HANX Lubricant Review

10 out of 10

HANX Lubricant Review (Water-Based, 50ml)

I was given the opportunity to review Hanx Condoms and Hanx Lubricant as I am a supporter of Cara’s on Patreon. I enjoy the feel of condoms and I am a self-professed Lube Queen so I was looking forward to reviewing them. However, I am to review both items separately and this review is for the Hanx water-based lubricant (click to read my Hanx condoms review).

Hanx Lubricant Review | HANX Water-Based Lube Review

As always, the items were packaged discreetly and arrived very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised (although I shouldn’t have been as the first photograph I saw showed this) to discover a smart black presentation/gift box containing the items. It looked professional and was a lovely touch. Inside I found: a box of ten Hanx condoms, a box of Hanx Water-based Lubricant in 50ml, a pink satin eye mask and instructions, all laid upon shredded black tissue paper.

The lubricant came in a similar white box as the condoms, with gold embossed writing proudly displaying the Hanx logo. Small-print in blue explained the directions for application (basically, apply a generous amount for enhanced pleasure, although I will note that it is a standard water-based lubricant, not an enhancer). Warnings are also given reminding you that the lubricant is not a contraceptive and informing you it does not contain spermicide. It does tell you that it is compatible with Hanx condoms though, which I have confirmed for myself. It should be compatible with any condoms but if you are unsure then contact the manufacturer. The box states that the lubricant is long-lasting, gentle, naturally scented and vegan. It is also free-from parabens and endorsed by medical professionals.

Hanx Lubricant Review | HANX Water-Based Lube Review

In performance, I did find that a little goes a long way with this lube, and it is certainly long-lasting. Everyone is different though, so you may find that you need to reapply more often. I found it very pleasant to use. It prevented any chafing, both with and without condoms. It created a lovely smooth glide that just thinking about makes me long for! I do not get this with every lube. I find some of them dry up too quick or just don’t provide enough lubrication. It is also worth mentioning that I did not notice any scent, which is a big plus for me. My experience with scented or flavoured lubes is not exactly good. Importantly, the Hanx Water-based Lubricant was easy to apply. The bottle operates with a pump top, which I found very easy to use. The lid clicks firmly into place on top. I had no problems applying it in my sessions. I have encountered other brands that have had awful lids which make application nearly impossible, especially if it’s a thicker lubricant.

The Hanx Water-based Lubricant provides everything I could want from a lubricant and more! It is easy to apply, vegan-friendly, smooth and long-lasting without leaving stickiness or unpleasant smells. The packaging is minimal yet luxurious, providing any information you may need to know. The bottle comes in 50ml and costs £14.99 on the Hanx website. This is slightly more than I would usually pay for lube, especially considering the size. However, I feel that the price is fair for the quality of the product and I will certainly consider buying it if my lube stash ever runs out. 10/10.

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