HANX Condoms Review

10 out of 10

HANX Condoms Review (Pack of 10)

Due to being a supporter of Cara’s on Patreon, I was given the opportunity to review Hanx condoms and lubricant. I was looking forward to this as I enjoy the feel of condoms and I am a bit of a Lube Queen. However, I am to review both items separately and this review is for the Hanx condoms (click to read my Hanx lubricant review).

Hanx Condoms Review | Vegan Friendly Condoms

Cara packaged the items discreetly and posted them fast, like she always does. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the jiffy bag and discovered a smart black presentation/gift box containing the items. It looked professional and was a lovely touch. Inside I found: a box of ten Hanx condoms, a box of Hanx water-based lubricant in 50ml, a pink satin eye mask and instructions, all laid upon shredded black tissue paper.

Hanx packaging reeks of luxury. The boxes are white with gold embossed writing. The packaging clearly states the box contains “ten male condoms”. It informs you they are: ultra-thin, contain clean scented lubrication, are vegan certified, made of 100% natural fair-trade latex, dermatologically tested, and endorsed by medical professionals. In small-print details can be found explaining they are: sensitive condoms with a reservoir, smooth, transparent and contoured, with a 52mm nominal width. Information is also provided reminding you that condoms are a reliable contraceptive but cannot be deemed 100% effective against pregnancy and STI’s. All of this is information you would usually expect to see on a box of condoms, but it is important nonetheless and a good sign that the brand are reliable.

I tested the condoms out on a favourite dildo of mine. They come in the usual foil wrapper that you tear to open. Hanx have added their usual touch of elegance here by making the wrapper a matte white, with gold writing. All have use by dates which is very important to adhere to. I can confirm that the condom was nicely lubricated with no smell – exactly what they stated on their packaging.

The smooth feel as it entered me was arousing and it did not leave me feeling sore as some condoms do at times. Therefore, I would say they are suitable for those who can be sensitive – again, something the packaging had stated. I did apply a little of the Hanx water-based lubricant as I felt it drying out, but in my experience, this happens with all condoms and I prefer to use a lubricant regardless. It is fair to say I really enjoyed using these condoms and would happily use them all the time.

The Hanx condoms can be purchased from their website in packs of one, three or ten. The pack of ten retails at £12.99 which I find to be quite a standard price in terms of condoms, although you do get less in a box with Hanx. That being said, it is a price I would pay. Everything about these condoms was enjoyable, from the packaging to the performance. The company clearly care about their customers and like to make sure they are informed about all aspects of the product. 10/10.

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Thanks so much to Rattigan for this condom review.

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