Guest Review: Überlube Silicone Sex Lubricant

10 out of 10

Another guest review, this time from the wonderful Princess Raggydoll/DynamiteMinx, for the silicone Überlube. Thanks Minxy!  

The full sizes of Überlube costs £11.99 for 50ml or £18.99 for a 100ml bottle. You can find many more sex lubricant reviews right here. – Cara Sutra

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Thanks to Cara Sutra for giving me this opportunity to test some Überlube.

Überlube is a quality silicone lubricant. Being silicone it is long lasting, a little goes a long way. It it a clear lube, unscented and tasteless. I like to use silicone lube with my glass toys, it just makes them all the more slicker. It is also great for anal sex as it is long lasting. It is quite a runny lube as I have found other silicone lubes to be but this isn’t a problem as it lasts for ages!
Uberlube Free Sample Sachet
Although Überlube isn’t latex or condom friendly, I think it is still quite a versatile lube. For solo or couples play, anal sex and with some sextoys. Please check the material before using. It is also great as a de-frizzer for your hair, just a couple of drops does the trick! Being waterproof it can be used in the shower for some wet play time, just careful not to slip! It can only be washed off using warm water and soap.
Überlube feels very luxurious, it feels like a quality lubricant. It is a great moisturiser, I felt very soft after using it and using it on my hair gave it a great shine to it! I would give this lube a very generous 10/10!
uberlube free sample sachet

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