Guest Review: Nexus Excel Male Prostate Massager

10 out of 10

Another guest review by minnie, this time for the Nexus Excel kindly provided by Monique Carty of Nexus at the ETO Show in June. – Cara Sutra

 Nexus Excel Prostate Massager

Once again Cara Sutra has provided me with a toy to test out, this time it’s the Nexus Excel prostate massager.

I’ve tested several different ones in the past, with mixed results.

Mostly they haven’t done much for me and I’ve gone back to my trusty Rocks Off Naughty Boy. So I wasn’t expecting too much this time.

The first thing to notice about the Excel is the colour – bright orange! It looked as if it should glow in the dark! Remember the Tango adverts some years ago? It’s that orangey! It is also available in black and in purple.

Nexus Excel Prostate Massager review

It’s a nice thick size, chunky and solid. It’s not as big as most of my collection of butt plugs, but big enough. It’s about 4″ long and 1.5″ diameter at its widest part.

As usual I washed it before use and then applied lube. It made from phthalate free polypropylene so you can use silicone or water based lubes.
Surprisingly it slid in with ease, no effort at all. Then the fun began.

As soon as it was in my little cock began to dribble cum. Actually it was more than a dribble, I could hardly believe how much was leaking out, it was fantastic! Just sitting down and slowly rocking back and forth kept up the dribble. I had no need to stroke my cock, the Nexus was doing it all for me. Eventually I stood up and moved around which as usual caused more leakage.

The ‘horns’ make a good handle if you want to work it in and out to increase the feeling and effect. One horn rests against your perineum and has a small ball bearing imbedded in it, also to enhance the sensations. I can’t say I felt any difference, the main body was doing very nicely indeed, thank you very much!
I could feel it’s girth, pressing on my prostate, doing its job. It wasn’t at all uncomfortable, quite reassuring in fact.

After about an hour the dribble dried up and reluctantly I Carefully eased it out. Cleaning afterwards was easy, in hot soapy water.

It’s available online for around £40 and I can only award it 10 out of 10!


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