Guest Review: MOJO Momentum Penis Pump Enlarger

4 out of 10

Another guest review by minnie. This time for another of the MOJO range for men, the Momentum Penis Pump. I hope you find his feedback useful!
– Cara Sutra

Momentum Penis Pump Enlarger

Cara Sutra has again asked me to test and review for her, this time the MOJO Momentum penis pump enlarger. It consists of a clear plastic cylinder with a dial gauge mounted on the top and a hand pump.

The clear plastic cylinder is about 10” tall and 3” diameter, which should be big enough for all shapes and sizes. The hand pump is easy to use and takes a while to reach a comfortable vacuum, which is no bad thing. The drawback is that the dial gauge is mounted on top of the cylinder, making it rather top heavy and unwieldy. It would be better to have the gauge on the pump instead.

With a comfortable vacuum achieved my cock grew from 4” to 5”, handily the cylinder has graduations in inches and millimetres so you can check on the before and after effect.

I don’t know if regular use would have any long term benefits but in the short term, 20% growth ain’t bad!

The Momentum is available for £39.95 from Simply Pleasure and I would give it 4 out of 10, let down by the bulky gauge on the cylinder top.


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