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Give Lube Silicone+ Lubricant 30ml Review

Thanks to the lovely McBitchyTits / big kinky bbw for providing this Give Lube Silicone+ Lubricant 30ml review.

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– Cara Sutra

Give Lube Silicone+ Lubricant Review

Give Lube Silicone+ Lube ReviewFirstly can I thank @TheCaraSutra for giving me the chance to do this review of Give Lube Silicone+ Lubricant 30ml.

When this arrived in the post I instantly liked the bottle it was small enough for travel and the classy black and silver design could easily be mistaken for a make up item or perfume if were to fall from your bag. The design itself is very classy being all black with silver text and a silver circle, I must say it is very pleasing on the eye.

Being a flip bottle it was easy enough to open and the first squirt of lube came out easy enough. I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the lube, for a clear gel I found it quite silky. Finding out quickly we hadn’t used enough and tried to get more and this wasn’t as easy as predicted, we squeezed and played around eventually getting a drip or 2 more from shaking vigorously until a little stuttered out. There is still three quarters left in this small sample/travel size product. The only downsides were due to struggling to get it out we ended up with some on the bottle but this really wasn’t a big deal also the flip lid can be difficult when you already have lube on your hands. There is no smell to this product which is great but still couldn’t bring myself to try oral after using the lube.

The lube was luxuriously silky and we had no resistance a wonderfully smooth product that had no sticky after effects and left a beautiful smooth feeling to hands after use as well as elsewhere. Not much of the lube is needed so didn’t feel overly drenched in lube afterwards just nicely wet and super smooth.

All round I would say this is a very good product and value for money.


– McBitchyTits

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