Guest Review: Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels

10 out of 10

A huge thank you to regular Cara Sutra reviewer Mc Bitchy Tits / big kinky bbw for this guest review of the Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels!

The Durex Embrace Gels pack is priced at £9.99 and presents fun opportunities for enhanced arousal, foreplay and sex whether as part of a couple or to innovate your masturbation sessions. I was able to send these to my reviewer as I’d received another pack in the Durex Earth Hour Survival Kit.

You can buy the Durex Embrace Gels at Boots, Superdrug, Amazon or at Lovehoney as well as discovering more information about the pack at the Durex UK website.

Check out the Durex website here and the Cara Sutra Durex condoms and pleasure lubes reviews here.

– Cara Sutra

Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels (2 x 60ml) Review

durex embrace pleasure gels guest review

First can I start by thanking @thecarasutra for letting me review these products. Its great to review a product and really really love it.

At first I didn’t like the plastic bendable packaging, colourwise it’s lovely and sensual in deep purple and deep red and having used the product and thinking about it it’s great as it wipes clean easily afterwards. I really like how the bottles fit together its cute and puts thoughts of bodies fitting together to mind. The cap on the bottles seems loose on mine and doesn’t fasten well I must admit this concerns me mildly as I think if it leaked but on the whole I find it easy to dispense the product when my mind is other wise engaged I always end up with more than I wanted on my fingers.

Using the product for the first time I had the tingle and he had the warming and to be honest neither of us felt much at all so we then tried the other one on top of that and although my partner felt nothing I instantly felt all kinds of tingles and warming sensations, almost enough to make me orgasm which itself is a difficult task.  My partner rubbed it all around outside and then inside and this is where I found this product really worked for me, it seemed to make my insides much more sensitive and where normally he has to work for some time to make my “spot” come out to play this seemed to make it swell and available instantly and I had my first proper squirting session (previous to this I have just gushed).

I have used this since as a masturbation aid using tingling first for a while before adding the warming and it certainly makes it easier /quicker to orgasm. I will purchase these products in the future and give them a ten star rating.

Mc Bitchy Tits


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