Guest Review: Durex Delight Vibrating Bullet by GrittyWoman

2 out of 10

I supplied the Durex Delight Vibrating Bullet to GrittyWoman in exchange for her honest review. This was one of the items provided to me by Durex, who I must thank immensely for all of their continued support.

I hope you enjoy this review and a special thank you to GrittyWoman for doing the ‘dirty work’ on this one!

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Cara Sutra


I am not a fan of bullets. I prefer my toys with
more power and with deeper vibrations than bullet vibes usually offer (There
are a few exceptions.) However, I can still appreciate a decent bullet vibrator when
I come across one. The Durex Delight is not decent, let alone “delightful”.
It is a one speed vibrator, so if that single setting is not rocking your world, or if you enjoy building up through a few different settings and intensities then you are out of luck with the Delight. To add insult to injury, the one setting that it does have is weak, shallow and to be honest… shit. When you turn this bullet on, you would be forgiven for thinking it might actually be ok. Vibrating away in the palm of your hand, or gripped between your fingers, it feels reasonably good, but then you apply the tip of the bullet to your clit and realise you are feeling most of the vibrations in your fingers. What I felt against my clitoris was not much more than a tingle, certainly not enough to even build me up to orgasm, let alone have one.
This is not the only problem with the vibrations. See, the reason I could not feel much more than a tingle against my clitoris is because the vibrations do not seem to focus very well into the bullets tip. What I feel are diffuse surface level
vibrations that travel outwards from where the tip is touching my skin, but I can feel very little at all directly at the point of contact. Touching this bullet against my skin, I feel the vibrations become dulled from the contact. The vibrations that I can feel are tingly, teasy, shallow and not very stimulating to me. The Delight is definitely a buzzy vibrator and sounds quite high pitched but the noise levels are not too bad and you can almost fully disguise the sounds from this bullet underneath your duvet.

The Durex Delight is a substantial bullet, measuring 3.5
inches in length, with a 2.75 inch circumference. It is larger (In girth and length) than the RO-80 and the Tracey Cox bullet vibrator and yet, it is less powerful than these. I like the size of this bullet and the fact it has some weight to it. It doesn’t feel hollow and cheap. The matte plastic feels silky and it offers more drag across my skin than the glossy bullets do. It is also
waterproof and takes 1 AAA battery which is preferable to those smaller batteries or worse, watch batteries. Although looks and build quality are important to me, when it comes to vibrators my main concern is “Does it work”. I want orgasms and the Durex Delight bullet lets me down in that regard. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very sensitive and enjoy teasy, barely there vibrations. I would recommend passing on this one and trying the RO-80 or the RO-Mona instead.

Thank you to the amazing Cara Sutra for supplying me with the Durex Bullet free of charge for an honest review. Check out Cara’s blog for more sex toy reviews, sex positive articles and stories.


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