Guest Review: Delicious Encounter Sex Lube – Watermelon Flavoured Lubricant

8 out of 10

lucky bloke condoms

Thank you to my forum member FesureMaybe for this guest review and thank you to Lucky Bloke Condoms for providing the sampler packs of sex lubricants to review originally. 

This review is honest feedback for a free sample sachet provided by Lucky Bloke Condoms.  – Cara Sutra


delicious encounter watermelon flavoured lube reviewThis lovely packaged lubricant is a very generous product. Firstly to cover all bases its long lasting, water based, harmless when ingested which does happen, Latex free to cover allergies and sugar free. This lubricant is watermelon which isn’t my favourite fruit ever but I was highly surprised but how much I enjoyed this flavour.
The flavour is very potent and strong, which is very enjoyable and hides the basic lube smell. This is quite a thick lube but not sticky which makes a difference to after you finish with your partner because you don’t feel as gross. It creates a very realistic wet feeling and also tastes really good. It isn’t too sweet but very similar to the watermelon flavour.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who fancies something different from your generic flavours. I would personally change the packing though as it is very girlie which could be aimed at the wrong people.

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