Erotic Book Review: The Business of Pleasure by Justine Elyot

10 out of 10
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Thanks to regular Cara Sutra reviewer Fesure Maybe for this honest review of The Business of Pleasure by Justine Elyot.

– Cara Sutra

The Business of Pleasure by Justine Elyot (Review)


The idea of this whole book is just simply wow! I’ve found this erotic novel to be such an exciting read. The basic story line is around one character called charlotte but in-between chapters about this little minx is separate side stories all linking up to the same company which seem to be the main focus of the whole story. A line on the blurb on the back of the book seems to describe this book to a T: “She organises an array of wild set pieces”.

The little stories in-between seem to focus on different characters with different scenarios each time which made the book much more enjoyable. It seems to cover all bases of BDSM to sex with many men in one night. So it is sure to cover anyone’s taste with an all rounded story. I also found the other perk to this book was that the font on the pages was a nice size and big enough for me to read! The chapters aren’t too big so it doesn’t drag on for ages like some do. It’s a book I’ve found I can put down and pick up again, remembering what happened and where I was.

Overall I have to rate this story a massive 10/10 I don’t think there was anything in this book I didn’t enjoy. The Xcite Books never seem to make me disappointed.

Fesure Maybe

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