Guest Erotic Book Review: Gratis Midwinter Tales

10 out of 10

Gratis – Midwinter Tales Review

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I was asked to review the Gratis – Midwinter Tales for Cara Sutra in return for an honest and straightforward review. Seeing some of my favourite erotic authors on the list of contributors ensured that this was a review product that I was really looking forward to picking up.

With authors such as Chloe Thurlow, Elizabeth Woodham, Kay Jaybee and Livilla Sanders amongst the collection of highly respected erotica authors the result is an unputdownable collection of thrilling and often romantic tales that warm those cockles nicely on the cold winter nights.

I found this to be a really beautiful collection of tales that were alluring, well written and really difficult to put down. I read the whole collection in just two days which with 5 kids to run after and two businesses to run is tantamount to how much I enjoyed this book.

My particular favourites were EA Chapterhouse’s In The Mood (Muse) which combined intrigue with tasteful scenes and decadent erotica. The sense of danger meant it was a tale which draws in the reader in and will cause a scream of frustration at the end – I even scoured the book for a follow up! I hope there is one?

Headonist Six uses the medium of social networking for a  brief and unforgettable encounter that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and not just because of the thrilling tale, its deliciously naughty!

I absolutely loved the romantic and delightful White (Lights Out) by Jason Jax, a story that dances between memory and present time and is so well written and enjoyable that I feel totally in love with the scenery and the characters. It’s incredibly erotic too and combines this with an era that I haven’t read much erotica around which I found quite different and refreshing.

The lovely Kay Jaybee offers three naughty and equally exciting tales to the collection. Each, true to Kay Jaybee’s story telling style offering twists and turns of naughtiness that thrill and tempt the reader with fantasy combined with a dash of filth and a pinch of depravity. My favourite was Bitten, I do like my Vampire pornography.

Livilla Sanders Irrecusable is a naughty tale of a gathering of work colleagues which offers more than the usual cheap plonk and bad jokes from the Boss. Throw in some mysterious, sexy characters and the whole evening becomes an unforgettable orgy of sexual deviation and mind blowing pleasures. Pretty much like a few of the Office Christmas Parties I’ve been too…. Only not as pleasurable or fun.

There is something for everyone in this truly delightful collection and I really did enjoy it. The contributors to the Gratis – Midwinter Tales are amongst some of the most highly respected erotic authors in the industry and it is evident how much time and work has gone into this collection.

The book retails at an amazing £5.05 in paperback and is actually free on Kindle. I honestly think that it worth a lot more so it’s a brilliant bargain, you simply must pick one up!

– Mel


Many thanks to Mel from Voluptasse for this honest & thorough review. Read more about the launch of Gratis in the related post here.

– Cara Sutra



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