Guest Erotic Book Review: First Spankings by Peter Birch

6 out of 10
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first spankings peter birch book review

First Spankings by Peter Birch: review

I have to say I had mixed reviews about this book. It had good points and bad points! To start off with I absolutely love the cover of the book, it has a very lush curvy women with stunning underwear on it! I normally find the Xcite range of books quite exciting and keeps me interested but this one I struggled with quite a bit.

The style of the writing wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m used to lots of different stories about different characters. I found the style to be more of a biography about the author’s life, which don’t get me wrong I found very interesting. Not every day you find a book that goes in depth and talks openly about their sex life but they shouldn’t publicise this book as a sexual book which I feel it is portrayed as and more as a biography book. The aspect of it being a biography that I did enjoy was it gave me lots of ideas that I can do. You read a lot in stories of fictional characters that it tends to be scenarios a everyday person could not carry out, but with this book it gave me ideas that are more down to earth. Things that I could use on my partner and try in my own life.

Even though I have mixed reviews about this book I did enjoy it and will give it a 6/10.

– Fesure Maybe

Post Script

Thanks to regular Cara Sutra reviewer Fesure Maybe for reviewing this book. You can buy First Spankings by Peter Birch here at Amazon UK, here on and find out more on Xcite Books website here.

You can also get the low down on the author in Peter Birch’s Erotic Author Spotlight post here, as well as reading other erotic book reviews here.

– Cara Sutra

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