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Huge thanks to Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse fame for this guest review of Casual Collisions by Livilla Sanders (read Livilla’s author spotlight post here). You can find the buy links at the end of the review.

A thank you also goes to Livilla herself who made her book available for review, for select members my community.

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– Cara Sutra

casual collisions livilla sanders ebook erotica review

Casual Collisions by Livilla Sanders was sent to me by Cara Sutra in return for an honest and unbiased review.

It’s a collection of stories, each following a chance meeting which leads to an erotic encounter. Like all Livilla Sanders collections they are well written, very naughty and extremely entertaining.

The collection kicks off with Naomi Walters in the tale, Long Division. Naomi is an aging and very uptight Head teacher who is travelling to her nieces wedding. A long flight delay and a chance meeting with Lewis and Colm, two handsome and athletic young men awakens a whole new side to Naomi. Despite feeling wild and free, she is stopped in her tracks when Lewis and Colm proudly announce that they share everything, even women. Is this a step too far for Naomi?

In Surf’s Up, Lyndsey Morgan is soaking up the rays in a deserted and idyllic part of the beach. With no one around, she becomes distracted by a beautiful young woman. After inviting the woman to sunbathe with her, Lyndsey becomes overwhelmed with a sense of attraction. But she won’t give in to her powerful girl on girl desires, will she?

My favourite story was First Impressions. This story was quite poignant and details Sandra Fletcher‘s anger and frustration at a cruel and uncaring world. She meets a friendly woman called Gillian at the train station. They swap numbers and embark upon a friendship which awakens a side of Sandra that she had smothered because of a tragic and painful past. This story left me feeling excited for the character because she desperately needed a new beginning and I felt so involved with her that I wanted things to improve, and they certainly do.

Irrecusable was previously featured in Gratis: New Beginnings which I read and I can see why it features in Casual Collisions again. It’s a great story about Kate Parkinson who is persuaded to go to her Boss’s party against her better judgement. However, this is no ordinary party and things quickly begin to heat up. With the charismatic and fun Severine Rodgers by her side, will Kate throw herself into the swing of things or will she leave herself out in the cold? You’ll have to read it and find out!

Overall another well written and raunchy collection from Livilla Sanders. Each story offers something different and offers a storyline as well as some raunchy sex scenes. I felt involved with the characters and could relate to their day to day frustrations and the need for an escape.

You can buy your own copy of Casual Collisions for just £1.81 from Amazon UK here, here. Find it on Smashwords and Goodreads too.

A very well deserved 9/10.

– Mel Macfarlane


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