Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube Review by Cara Sutra

8 out of 10
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Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube Review

If you love using water-based lube for sexy fun but usually find them too runny, you’ll love the idea of this new offering from Give Pleasure. The Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube is water based and promises superb glide no matter where and how you’re using it.

The notion of an extra thick lube which is water based was very attractive to me personally, because many super thick sex lubes are silicone, or hybrid at least. The silicone component is great if you don’t mind silicone lube, and/or you’re using the lube purely for skin-on-skin sessions (not with silicone sex toys, for instance). However, I much prefer water based lubes. In addition, I can never seem to accurately predict exactly which sexual activities or sex toys will be used in a session.

A thick water based lube sounded perfect. Thanks Give Pleasure for sending me your new Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube to thoroughly test and review.

The Bottle

Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube comes in a cylindrical bottle which feels pretty large in comparison to the other water based lubes in Give Pleasure’s arsenal, or indeed simply next to my usual bedside lube collection. The bottle contains a whopping 200ml so I’m not worried about running out any time soon.

With a pump dispense top there’s even less likelihood of spillage, although the thick consistency isn’t exactly spillable in any case. More of a squirt and splat. A clear cap covers the pump top, and there’s a small black plastic insert in the pump-hole which I tend to leave out. I guess this stops the lube from drying and clogging up the opening, although that’s just my passing thought not fact.

I found I could remove the cap and dispense the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube one-handed when required. And it was required often.

Well actually, I lie – I just left the clear cap off most of the time. It’s handy if you do want to pack your Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube away for some reason though, say if you were taking it with you on travels.

First Impressions

It just took a couple of pumps to get the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube to appear. Immediately I was pretty wowed. I’d been expecting… well, I’m not entirely sure, but certainly not what I was squeezing from the bottle. After using plenty of ‘normal’ water based lube in my time I guess I expected a ‘super thick’ version to be pretty similar to that; clear, still drippy but just a smidge thicker. The difference between water and PVA glue, I suppose.

The Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube is thick. You’re going to read this a lot, because I simply can’t get over how thick it is. It’s not only thick, it’s semi-opaque with a distinct cloudiness. I like that; it means I can see instantly how much I’ve dispensed and how much I’m applying to skin or toy.

The lube also looks a bit like thick jizz, which you can work into your play sessions if you’re a bit of a kinky fucker (coughs… raises lubed hand).

Between my fingers, the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube felt…. slippery, yes, but the real test would be between the sheets, of course.

The Lube Porn Video

See, I told you it’s thick. Mmm, soooo thick.

During Use – Masturbation

I’ve enjoyed using the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube during my masturbation times. For solo fun it’s been easy to grab, dispense, apply to myself or the toy and then get on with the action.

It doesn’t feel like natural lubrication, and it isn’t drippy-slippy like typical water based lubricants. This stuff is one that smears and applies a layer of moisture over the skin, rather than blending with my natural lubrication or trying to mimic it. It aids the movement of toys or my fingers over my aroused skin, rather than providing a liquid surface.

If it wasn’t as slippery I could compare it to Vaseline (petroleum jelly). However it is, of course, water based – there’s no oil element to this lube. It’s safe to use for whatever sexual purpose you wish – masturbation, foreplay, sex, with sex toys and/or with latex condoms.

Using The Lube During Sex

During sex I found the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube OK to use, although it’s not my favourite lube for PiV sex with my partner. Right now we’re using condoms and this lube seems to provide a bit of drag on the latex rather than aiding fluid motion.

For anal sex, the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube really comes into its own. It’s easy to dispense, apply and you can clearly see how much you’re putting on and exactly where it is (as long as the lights are on, obviously! What do you mean you don’t have anal with the lights on?)

We’re keeping this one by the bed for anal, primarily… I’ll stick to my other favourite water based lubes – Give Lube Aqua Gel, Sliquid and System JO Agape – for PiV sex.

Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube Ingredients

Although the formulation didn’t present me with any vaginal or other irritation during or after use, it should be noted that the ingredients include glycerine.

Here’s the full ingredient list:

Aqua, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Acrylate / Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

In Conclusion

In my opinion the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube will be a ‘Marmite’ of the sex lube world. Whether you love it or hate it will depend both on what you want from a personal lubricant, and how you’re using it.

Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube Review by Cara Sutra

I’m finding it impossible to recommend the Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube specifically to one type of person, to one gender, one sexuality or for one sexual activity. You’ll just have to re-read my personal experiences and thoughts above; perv the photos, watch the ‘Lube Porn’ video clip and then make the decision to try it out for yourself.

In my opinion for the SRP of just £12.99 for 200ml it’s a no-brainer. Get some!

Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube Review by Cara Sutra

Where To Buy Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube

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Give Lube Super Thick Aqua Lube Review by Cara Sutra

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