Girl with a One Track Mind Exposed by Abby Lee – Pleasure Panel Review

9 out of 10
Abby Lee

Girl with a One Track Mind Exposed by Abby Lee

Pleasure Panel review by Pandora Tolson

I’ve always had a thing for sex blogs. I love the honesty and the thrill of reading something that maybe outside of my realm of normal and discovering new things.

I blame Curvaceous Dee for getting me addicted to sex blogs as her’s was the first I had ever read.

one track mind 1 one track mind 2

The other thing I’ve had during the years is some anonymous blogs and the fear that people would discover who I was, and these were bland boring blogs as well, more like a diary of a sad teen.

So I was excited to read Girl with a One Track Mind Exposed [ as it was going to be a combination of sexblog and what it was like to deal with the reality of what happens once you are exposed.

I found the book really easy to read and follow having never read Abby’s blog before or the original Girl with a One Track Mind book.

The way Girl with a One Track Mind Exposed is written is very descriptive and funny, it’s not a how to have sex guide however reading it you can learn some things and have a laugh not at Abby but with her.

The book starts with a  phone call that she receives from the Sunday Times and then goes back to March, so you are not jumping straight in to her being exposed but the build up to that and her excitement to having a new book which reading I got excited on her behalf. Her work which is never mentioned where she is working just a description of what she does.

Once Abby is exposed we deal with her deciding what to do and how she handles the media attention as well as the effects that being revealed has on her family and friends, as well as on her job.

I wanted to give Abby a great big hug and a few jugs of beer whilst reading this part of the book, she handled it with wit and dignity and much respect to her.

It was one of the things I always feared about my old anonymous blogs and I don’t think I could of handled what happened with as much class or wit as Abby did.

During reading this book I went and ordered Girl with a One Track Mind Exposed, that’s how much I enjoyed this book.

Would I read the book again – you betcha. Would I recommend it – Hell yes.


Reviewed by Pandora Tolson.


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