FT London GPlug Large Review

8 out of 10
FT London

FT London GPlug Large Review

By Lily Palmer

FT London GPlug Large: Good vibrations

The FT London GPlug Large is a rechargeable vibrating anal plug which packs a lot of power. So far, I’ve only owned a regular small anal plug which, to be honest, was fun but definitely not fulfilling enough. I wanted more… and bigger!

It came in a cylindrical box which reminds me a bit of a hat box. Inside, I found the Gplug, the USB charging cable and a black pouch. I admit that sex toys always get bonus points for me when they come with a pouch. It makes storing my ever-increasing collection of sex toys so much easier!


I decided to charge the FT London GPlug Large, even though it was already partially charged. The USB cable is magnetic: in theory, it is a good idea; but in reality I struggled a bit to connect it. The Gplug kept rolling, and the cable detached itself a couple of times. It wasn’t a major issue though.

The Gplug is made of silicone, and because of that, it is soooo soft and so easy to clean. It is also waterproof, and it has 6 vibration modes.  As usual with small sex toys, there is only one button for all functions. Long press to stop and press once to toggle between each mode. In the past, I have had mixed experiences with this kind of controls, as I found myself pressing too many times and skipping the mode I wanted, or turning off my vibrator by mistake just as I was about to orgasm. I was curious to see if I would encounter the same issues this time.

It is worth mentioning that the Gplug is also compatible with the Gring, another product of Gvibe. The Gring is a ring that vibrates and that can also be used as a remote control. Sadly, I do not own a Gring though (…. yet).

One of my first impressions upon seeing the FT London GPlug Large was: “ Large?…Really?”. It was bigger than the plug I had before, but somehow it didn’t seem that big. I was proven wrong. If you have never tried anal sex, I wouldn’t recommend trying this one first, but feel free to buy for when you are ready for bigger and better things. With a bit of lubrication, everything went fine! I did however press the start button early by mistake, but I was expecting that.


The vibrations felt really good. The Gplug is powerful, especially for its size. I was expecting even more power though (mains-powered wands have turned me into a very demanding person). The Gplug didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point. The silicon and the design make the whole experience very pleasant. Changing between modes was very easy, and at no point did I switch off the Gplug by accident!!! Extra bonus points!!! The charge lasted, and I didn’t notice any gradual loss of power. What more could I ask for? (more power, ALWAYS more power!)

Would I recommend the FT London GPlug Large? Definitely! It is a well-designed sex toy which will make feel some good vibrations. If I really want to be picky, I would say that the magnetic charging cable is slightly annoying to use at first. Most of all, I wish that the GRing had been included in the box too. It would have been nice to try the remote control function on myself or on a partner. I guess I will have to buy it as an early Christmas present to myself!


– Lily Palmer

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lily Palmer for this review of the Gplug Large Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug.

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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