FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator Review

4 out of 10

FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator Review

By KurosakiKun

I must confess to not being hugely familiar with the brand FPPR (which I assume is a funky way of writing ‘fapper’, an internet term for someone who masturbates).  On first looks, the FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator looks a very sleek and modern penis pleasuring device; the major positive I can see from its write up is that it is super discreet.


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FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator Review

The FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator is wrapped in a plastic coat on arrival which needs to be removed before use; the plastic wrap has a few wordings on it which tell you the brand name in huge FPPR letters and some bits of what the toy is about.

Interestingly, this is one of the first times I have noticed the blurb notes the toy as being a Male Pleasure Item (naughty gender specifics!) and not a novelty item.  I am also not sure I can endorse the sentiment on the front of the Cup, the slogan splashed underneath the huge brand name says: “Feel free.  Any place.  Any time.”  I’m not sure my grandmother would agree with that if I whipped it out on Christmas Day as the turkey is being carved!

Material and Measurements

There is nothing written on the FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator itself about which materials have been used to produce the sleeve or cup, the internet has very limited details about the masturbator and the website for FPPR is currently under construction!  I like to know what my toys are made of before using them on the most sensitive of sensitive areas, so after a bit of googling, I found another website selling the toy which lists the materials used as soft TPE and ABS plastic.  To be honest, I could have guessed, but better safe than sorry.  The TPE used for the ‘realistic’ vulva and vagina is relatively soft but has a skin tone that doesn’t really look realistic to me.

Measurement wise there are none available from the websites I looked at but by my own measurements the overall length of the FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator is 7 inches.  The soft TPE textured stroking tunnel is 6.7 inches long with approx 6 inches of insertable length.  There is also a foam disc which sits in-between the TPE stroker and rear of the cup where the vacuum control hole is; this takes up the extra half an inch of space.


The first time I took the end cap off the FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator, the sleeve was inside the cup and not sitting correctly.  I assumed this was from being in transport and had simply slipped inside.  Sadly, that was not entirely correct.  The cup has one inherit flaw, which is the addition of the foam disc which sits in-between the sleeve and the rear of the cup.  I imagine the idea of the disc is to allow air flow out through the vacuum control hole and to also act as a ‘bumper’ so the hole isn’t covered up by the closed end of the sleeve on every forwards stroke.

Unfortunately, as this foam disc is also rather soft, on the third or fourth stroke, the entire sleeve ended up pushed back into the plastic cup.  This ends up with a rather tough edge to catch your skin on!  Pulling the sleeve back out and into position fixes this, but with the addition of lube to the sleeve there seems to be no way of keeping it in place and it pushes back into the cup almost immediately.

Initially I thought that I had made a mistake and the foam must need to be taken out prior to use, but this just makes it worse as there’s a huge gap behind the sleeve.

On top of the displacement issue, the foam disc causes any air pushing out of the control hole to whistle really loudly, it’s probably the loudest toy I have ever used!  Every down stroke makes a huge noise so it’s also really obvious what you are doing (I’m actually giggling writing this as it was comical).

As I could not concentrate using the FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator as intended with vacuum control and discreet holder to elicit any sort of pleasure, I thought the obvious thing to do was pull the sleeve out of the holder and go about it with just the soft TPE vagina.  Obviously this way is a tad floppy and not perfect, but with the closed end and the lovely feeling nodules built into the tunnel, the sleeve pulled itself from the edge of the proverbial cliff and delivered a mouth watering orgasm which wasn’t half bad.

FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator Review

After use its super easy to clean and drip dry, once done you can pop the cap back on and store safely in its discreet plastic up.


I can’t believe that the FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator was tested thoroughly before going out onto the market for people to buy, it really is like two parts of two toys that have been thrown together that look like they will fit together but aren’t quite right.  On its own the sleeve is perfectly usable; therefore a score of 4 out of 10 is fair as it’s not all bad!

– KurosakiKun

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Thanks to our reviewer KurosakiKun for this review of the FPPR Vagina Vacuum Cup Masturbator.


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