FPPR Penis Masturbator Mouth Edition Review

7 out of 10

FPPR Penis Masturbator Mouth Edition Review

I have two FPPR penis masturbators to review, with the help of my lovely man, starting with the FPPR Penis Masturbator Mouth Edition. Click to read the other one: my FPPR Penis Masturbator Anus Edition review.


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Packaging & First Impressions

FPPR Penis Masturbator Mouth Edition Review

The FPPR range comes in durable plastic cylindrical containers, similar to many penis strokers out there, with the outer wrapping a removable printed layer of plastic giving you all the product info.

Once the outer wrap is peeled off and disposed of, you twist off the base which reveals the orifice you’ve selected from the FPPR family. The stroker is a soft and flexible material housed in the durable outer plastic tube and removable from it for thorough cleaning.

I was impressed that this mouth style of FPPR penis masturbator not only has lips to identify it as the oral type, but there’s a tongue inside as well. I was expecting simply some outer ‘mouth’ design but the little tongue inside, along with the textured inner canal for penis stim, was a welcome surprise find.


The FPPR Penis Masturbator Mouth Edition is made from TPR, which is soft and flexible but unfortunately porous. Find out more about porosity and different material types in my Sex Toy Materials Guide.

This stroker measures (while in the container) 7 inches in length, while the plastic tube has a circumference of 8.6 inches.

During Use

My partner had a great time trying out both this and the anal edition of the FPPR penis strokers. Due to the grabbiness of the soft, real-feel material, water-based lubricant was a must before insertion.

He loved the fact that there’s a wiggly tongue inside, something extra to push against/past once he penetrated the mouth-shaped entrance.

During use the stroker got a little loud, mainly due to the fact that it has a closed end. This also meant that air got trapped through the repetitive in-and-out strokes, and we’re not sure how this could be solved. If we snip a hole in the end of the stroker, it both makes the material (probably) more porous than it already is –leading to the material harbouring more bacteria despite cleaning between uses- and the results of his climax would leak into the container and be messier in general.

Although there’s a vacuum seal sticker on the outer canister when you first receive it, this just covers a hole on the outer plastic case and doesn’t have any impact on the air getting trapped during use. This is because the sleeve itself doesn’t have an air-hole.

Despite the noise and trapped air issues, he says that it did feel surprisingly good. I say ‘surprisingly’ because he has been spoilt by the likes of Fleshlight, TENGA and Fun Factory penis masturbators. It’s a little unfair to directly compare this lower budget style to those top-end types, but it held up well, all in all.

After use the stroker can be completely reversed/turned inside out to help you completely clean it. We like to use tepid soapy water and towel dry then leave to dry thoroughly before popping back in the plastic canister.

It’s not the best penis stroker in the world -but for the price, it does an effective job. he rates it a 7/10.

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