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9 out of 10

Four Letter Words by Charlotte Howard, Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch

I read Seven Dirty Words by Charlotte Howard for the Pleasure Panel, I liked it so much and expressed a wish to know what happened after the book finished. Charlotte was kind enough to send me the sequel Four Letter Words.

Four Letter Words by Charlotte Howard Book ReviewFour Letter Words is the continuing story of Paige Holmes. Paige is a young woman whose dark past is threatening to catch up with her. Paige found herself torn between her current beau the handsome, rich Vance Ellery whom she nicknames TDS (tall, dark and smouldering) and his gorgeous son the talented Matt Jackson. Making her choice at the end of Seven Dirty Words we pick up the story as Paige and TDS are attempting to run away from Paige’s past as it threatens to engulf her again.

Paige finally decides she can run no more and stands to fight her demons. As Paige struggles to rebuild her life little does she realise that she’s in danger. However, as things become more and more sinister who will she turn to? Will it be Vance? Or Matt?

I was pleased to see Paige begin to find her strength again in Four Letter Words. In the first book, it felt at times like she was constantly bouncing from crisis to crisis. It felt like she starts to understand nobody else can fix her, she must face her problems head on and put her past behind her.

We see a much warmer version of TDS in this book. I didn’t take to the character at all in Seven Dirty Words and was mortified when she chose him over Matt. However, I still see glimpses of Christian Grey within the TDS character. When Paige is finally allowed to see his home, I’m reminded of the fact Christian wouldn’t let his subs sleep in his bed. There is even a point where TDS threatens Paige with a spanking. However, it feels less obvious in Four Letter Words. Maybe if I hadn’t read the first book I wouldn’t even have noticed this.

To me Matt Jackson is still the hero of this story. Reliable and persistent in his concern for Paige and his never-ending hope that she will see sense and love him back. I feel like Paige plays games with Matt and it makes me dislike her a little at times. I’m possibly a little in love with Matt, this is a testament to Charlotte Howard’s writing.

Paige is less exasperating in this book than the first, she appears to have more common sense. However, there are still major elements of spoilt brat behaviour and she’s prone to tantrums still. Taking time away from her relationship dramas does her the world of good and she seems to become a more rounded likeable character.

Four Letter Words is a much darker read than Seven Dirty Words. There is a more sinister feel all the way through it. Despite Paige finally seeing the light in her personal life there is a dark subtext to the story. The point at which Paige realises her stalker has been in her bedroom overnight makes my blood chill. I enjoyed the twist in the end, I totally didn’t guess the identity of Paige’s stalker and exclaimed “oh!” when it was revealed.

Much like Seven Dirty Words I wouldn’t describe Four Letter Words as erotica. There is sex in the plot but for me erotica contains much more sex than is in this story. This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I thought Four Letter Words was a really good read. It wrapped up the loose ends from Seven Dirty Words perfectly.

I don’t want to give too much away but I also applaud Charlotte Howard for how she resolved the Father/Son dilemma Paige is in. It felt like a good way to finish the story and I felt like Paige at the end of the book is a totally different character to the beginning.

I harboured a secret wish through-out both books for Paige to realise Danny was the love of her life so was a bit disappointed when he finds happiness. Part of me though that might actually be the twist. Once again Danny is another fantastic male character who has Paige’s well-being in his mind all the way through the story.

I enjoyed both of Charlotte Howard’s Paige Holmes stories. They are a triumph over tragedy story with a difference. And it’s refreshing to read a flawed female lead. Paige fucks up, she has selfish moments. But who among us doesn’t. This makes her very relatable.

If you’re looking for erotica to get yourself off to then Four Letter Words isn’t the book for you. But if you’re looking for an enjoyable, gripping read then I can recommend giving both Four Letter Words and Seven Dirty Words a try. I give Four Letter Words 9/10. It rates slightly higher than Seven Dirty Words simply because I like resolution at the end of my stories.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the e-book, Four Letter Words by Charlotte Howard. You can buy it from Amazon for £1.82 on Kindle.

This book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

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