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Kojo Black

Forbidden Fruit by Kojo Black Review (Erotica Anthology)

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kittycat102

I’ve always loved anthology things. I’m not exactly sure why but just anything to do with anthology gets me going. Maybe it’s the fact I’m watching or reading something that’s either been created by a few people or a few different tales by one person that just makes it more interesting than a regular book or film. Whatever the reason, I was extremely excited when I saw the Forbidden Fruit erotica anthology book (edited by Kojo Black, published by Sweetmeats Press) up for the Pleasure Panel to review. Anthology? Yes. Erotic anthology? Hell yes!

Forbidden Fruit erotic anthology compiled by Kojo Black

Summer Pudding by Tamsin Flowers

The first story in Forbidden Fruit by Kojo Black is Summer Pudding by Tasmin Flowers. I really didn’t know what to expect with this one as the title didn’t exactly give much away and it isn’t one that would catch my eye if I was in a bookshop or a library. Nonetheless, I quite enjoyed it.

It’s about a female nutritionist named Lisa Summer who was asked to be on national television on a show called Opinions in Opposition to give her expert opinion on food and nutrition, the show pitts experts with opposing opinions against each other to create explosive discussions. Lisa’s opponent is a word-renowned French chef named Laurent Gillou, Lisa doesn’t really care for him in the beginning, being a nutritionist, for the simple fact that Laurent’s dishes are never under 600 hundred calories and contain a lot of saturated fat.

Lisa’s opinion is that you can eat food that tastes good, but it doesn’t have to damage your waistline or your health. Laurent obviously disagrees with this, his opinion being that you only live once so why waste your life eating boring food when there’s so much more out there.

The discussion Lisa and Laurent participate in does eventually get a bit on the heated side and a little passionate, but Tasmin Flowers does a good job of making Lisa likeable when Lisa shows some obvious attraction to Laurent and  even though she’s stubborn, it’s obvious that Lisa slightly considers that perhaps Laurent could be correct in his opinion of food.

The discussion ends with Laurent offering Lisa a challenge. He confidently says he will donate one full week’s takings from his restaurant, Le Petis Pois, to the nutritional charity of her choice if she can resist his culinary seduction.

Lisa begrudgingly accepts the challenge and takes off for a trip to Le Petis Pois for two days. I won’t go into too much detail at what happens during her time there but the sex scenes are extremely erotic, I loved the detail that Tasmin Flowers goes into. She makes me feel as if Lisa and Laurent have truly gotten to know each other in the short span of just two days. I blushed at times during some erotic scenes that didn’t involve sex but I could feel Lisa’s emotions towards Laurent and her wilfulness was actually endearing. I enjoyed Summer Pudding a lot and I think it’s a great introduction to this erotic anthology. There’s also a recipe included at the end of the story, which I thought was a really nice touch. I think Tasmin Flowers knew the reader would be both hungry and horny by the end of it, and she was right.

The Love Apple by Zak Jane Keir

The second story, The Love Apple by Zak Jane Keir, is my absolute favourite out of the whole collection. I felt as if it really hit home for me in some ways, I found the character easy to relate to and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one. The story starts off telling you about the main character’s past relationship. Lee was in a relationship with a pretty girl named Amanda, he knew it wasn’t going to work by the 3rd date with her, but he let the relationship develop because Amanda is pretty and educated. Lee describes himself as not being pretty, more quite average, and not clever or stupid. Just in-between.

Lee and Amanda eventually drifted apart from each other until finally they break up, Lee realises he wasn’t as upset as he thought he might have been. But then suddenly, the story took a drastic turn that I didn’t see coming at all. Surprises in books are something that I don’t often come across so this was a welcome change.

Now that Lee is single, he wants to take his first steps into the fetish scene. That’s right, the fetish scene. I was definitely engrossed into the story by his point. Lee had often read books in the past that sometimes depicted kinky scenes and it interested him to the point where he thinks the fetish scene could be for him.

Another reason why Lee and Amanda didn’t fit very well was that Amanda preferred gentle, sensual and romantic sex which Lee didn’t mind too much but he was always left wanting more. I’ve never been in situation where I’m not sexually compatible with someone before but I know what it feels like when you both want different things in life and it can be hard to decide what to really do if you’re not used to experiencing an incompatibility issue.

Lee has fun experiences with the fetish scene in the beginning, but he finds it isn’t all that exciting as he’d hoped it to be. Zak Jane Keir describes Lee as being an unassuming and slightly plump young man, which clearly didn’t go down to well with various dominatrixes and other people participating in the fetish club activities.

After a while, he realises that he hadn’t made much progress in fetish scene, save for a few friends. Lee hadn’t found a regular partner or even someone to play with on a casual basis. Until he met a woman who changed his life when Lee decides to try and enjoy himself at a fetish club for once.

The woman, Elinore, wasn’t like everyone else at the club, she was on the mature side and dressed in Victorian style clothing and had hair slightly streaked with grey. Lee was definitely attracted to her from her striking profile and interesting attire and I can understand why. The young women at the clubs he sometimes attended were often rude to him because he didn’t exactly fit the bill and they felt as if they were superior.

I definitely can relate to things like this as even though I’m just 22, I still come across people like that and I know I’m not worthless but sometimes I get these thoughts in my head that makes me wonder if there’s some truth to what they’re saying to me.

The story gets to a point where Lee and Elinore develop a D/s relationship, but it feels a lot more romantic than I expected it to. I don’t really have much knowledge of a D/s relationship or what it all really entails but I did kind of think that it would be more harsh and not so personal.

Zak Jane Keir makes me truly feel the close bond between Lee and Elinore, they seem like a very much in love couple by the end of the story. In the beginning, Lee seemed to think that romance didn’t fit into the fetish scene at all and it didn’t seem like he was looking for anything sweet or personal. More something that would make him forget about who he was and just something that would make him feel different.

But Elinore lets Lee realise that he is more than he thought he was. That he’s not just average, that he’s not worthless. The Love Apple is my favourite story in this collection because it’s like a completely unorthodox love story and I really wasn’t expecting this at all so big thumbs up to Zak Jane Keir.

A Dance of Ocean Magic by Elizabeth Black

A Dance of Ocean Magic (I love the title) by Elizabeth Black is an interesting story. Although it didn’t really float my boat all that much, I still found the whole idea pretty cool so lets jump right into it!

The story starts off by introducing a woman named Sierra Palmer, who is in the midst of cutting up fruit for a salad. Sierra has a house on the beach, where she regularly practices ocean magic, something she inherited from her mother and her grandmother before her. She often prays to the ocean goddesses Yemaya, Lady Asherah of the Sea, Amphitrite, and Cymopoleia. I was a bit skeptical at this point because ocean magic sounds a little silly, even in a fictional tale, but it did make more sense as the story progressed.

Sierra prepared the fruit salad for a very specific reason. Of course I’m talking about a love interest. She met Tibor Dali in the fruit aisle section of a supermarket, where they were chatting about oranges and raspberries. Sierra eventually worked up the courage after two months, to invite Tibor over for a meal and some champagne.

I did find the story a little boring to begin with, although Sierra and Tibor have a lot of obvious chemistry and it’s as if they’ve known each other for years, I think Elizabeth Black does a good job of putting that point across.

There is a really good part of the story that relates to Sierra’s witchcraft and she also has a vision of Tibor being in danger in the ocean by her house. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it or not but I think the vision and/or the witchcraft is somewhat of a metaphor towards the feelings Sierra has for Tibor. I could be way off point here but that’s just how I perceive it.

There is a sole sex scene in the A Dance of Ocean Magic and it’s very passionate, but also has elements of love for one another which made me smile as I read it so I did enjoy that part of the story as well.

On a side note, I’m really impressed that Elizabeth Black made me crave fruit by the end of the tale. I’m not a fruit lover by any means but my mouth was definitely watering so I give her props for that.

The Cherry Orchard by Vanessa De Sade

The Cherry Orchard by Vanessa De Sade is a story I couldn’t really get into. It’s one I had to work hard at to continue reading. It’s a steampunk fairytale. Yeah, you read that right. I won’t really go into detail about this one as it’s not one I like, personally, and I didn’t really understand it that well. But, it’s about a few different women and the machines called Automations. There are brothels which own Automations, some can hold a conversation and seduce its owners, whereas others cannot. I just found it overall a little strange and I couldn’t get my head around the idea, despite the fact it’s just fictional. Each to their own though.

Forbidden Fruit Summary

Overall, I really enjoyed the collection of erotic stories in Forbidden Fruit by Kojo Black. It’s got something for everyone and each individual writer is extremely talented, especially when it comes to describing scenes. I felt connected to most of the characters and their feelings towards each other, not something I can say happens to me that often when I’m reading. Yes, I didn’t care for The Cherry Orchard tale but everyone is different and you can’t please everyone. I’m just glad I enjoyed the other stories in Forbidden Fruit, especially The Love Apple.

9/10 for me!

– Kittycat102

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kittycat102 for this review of the Forbidden Fruit by Kojo Black Erotica Anthology (£11.30 paperback, e-book also available)

Forbidden Fruit by Kojo Black was provided in electronic form free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by contributing author from the erotica anthology, Zak Jane Keir. Thank you! 🙂

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