Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succudry Vampire Masturbator Review

10 out of 10

Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succudry Vampire Masturbator Review

After my recent reviews of other Fleshlight Freaks sex toys, it’s time to come to perhaps the best known (or at least the most visual) of this rather Halloween themed range. Fleshlight sent me three products from their Freaks range, free of charge, in exchange for fair and honest reviews. Here’s my review of the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succudry Vampire Masturbator!

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The Fleshlight Freaks Succudry is one of the Sex in a Can products. I doubt anyone would ever actually mistake one of these as a beer can – and let’s face it, would you want anyone to? – but it’s a fun and novel packaging idea all the same. It makes a change from the ‘torch-like canister’ of the usual Fleshlights, and the Sex in a Can masturbators are generally cheaper to buy as well.

Unlike the DRAC masturbator which is the traditional, full size Fleshlight, the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succudry Vampire Masturbator comes in a cylindrical can and the twist off cap is deeper than usual. Opening the top reveals a creamy flesh coloured sleeve rather than the Fleshlight classic pink colour insert. There’s a realistic mouth with lips and teeth – although being a vamp style mouth there’s obviously fangs amongst them!

In The Pack

Your first thought might be that it’s uncomfortable in some way due to the points but it’s really not in the slightest. All of the sleeve insert including the opening is made from Fleshlight’s patented Superskin which is a real feel material which is very soft and pliable. Think marshmallow but more like skin. I don’t know how else to describe it really. In any case, the teeth don’t feel like teeth, they just look like them.

The sleeve inside the can seems like it would be much shorter than the traditional size Fleshlight but there’s actually still plenty of room for full penetration. Inside the canal the internal area is covered with quite pronounced ‘spikes’, except they’re also soft not uncomfortable as you’d first imagine.

First Impressions


  • Overall length of the can: 8 inches
  • Max penetrative depth: 6 inches
  • Can circumference: 9.5 inches

After use it’s easy to remove the sleeve from the outer plastic can/case and rinse through thoroughly. Use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner spray. These real feel/Superskin material sex toys are porous unfortunately so you have to make extra sure that they’re clean. Allow to dry completely before replacing in the can. To restore to the as-new silky feel it’s best to use a very light dusting of cornflour or you can use the Fleshlight restoring powder which as far as I know is the same thing in their branded box.

Softly Enticing…

Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succudry Vampire Masturbator Review

He really enjoyed using the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succudry Vampire Masturbator – I knew he would, the old goth – as it’s very flexible in nature yet tight to plunge into. You can unscrew the end to adjust the amount of suction pressure on your penis during masturbation and the internal nodules give a tightly stimulating or massaging effect which he really enjoyed. In fact he was able to orgasm much quicker with the Succudry than with the DRAC full size Fleshlight, interestingly.

Buy Yours

We’d say that this is definitely worth the pennies so if you’ve an aching which will only be satisfied by the lusts of a succubus, try the Fleshlight Sex in a Can Succudry Vampire Masturbator.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by Cara Sutra. This review contains affiliate links.

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