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9 out of 10

Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler

Pleasure Panel review by Craig Non

Straight from Cara Sutra by way of Lovehoney, I received the Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler for an unbiased review. And let me tell you, this ruler is a spanking good time.

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When I received the Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler, I really wasn’t impressed by the packaging. It consisted of a basic clear cellophane bag with a barcode sticker imprinted with “made in China.” The only other portion of their packaging was a fairly nicely printed accordion folded information tag in 4 languages lashed onto the darkly stained ruler by a grey satin ribbon, which was a nice touch.

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The Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler itself is made of some sort of hard wood and is very ridged with no discernible flex to it.  I was surprised and excited by this since I was a little worrisome when I saw the sku tag on the wrapper.  There is no way this ruler will be breaking or splintering while administering punishments.  Furthermore a nice stiff spanking instrument should produce some great sounds not from the ruler itself and my subject. The finish of the Ruler, as said before is dark black with silver rule markings. The markings themselves don’t seem to be too precise, but that doesn’t matter much.  The curious thing about this Ruler is that it is overall 16” ruled in English measure, but is only marked to 15”(the rule stars half an inch into the ruler which in my opinion could be useful for a Dom/Top who wants to measure their sub male’s length for an under skewed measurement).  Other areas of notice, this ruler omits the standard metal edge on a wooden ruler since it is for spanking rather than marking straight lines, but I might be using it mark lines if I am in a pinch and can’t find my other rulers.

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We do like to play teacher student scenarios quite a bit and the Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler was a very welcome prop and tool to our last session.  It really gave me a sense of power, and authority, this was my scepter, it was threatening even though being so common of an item. And when I raised it, and came down on her behind, it made a clap like thunder. Curious enough, though, when I checked in with my sub, she said I could have spanked her a bit harder. So if you are into heavy, welt giving spankings, it might take some extra ummph to get there with this, you will just have to do a test run to find the sweet spot. And always be safe!

For the price, the Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler is a very effective tool and prop. I would highly recommend getting the Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler.  I do wish it was a little longer, but it will do the trick and will be easier to pack.

– Craig Non

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Craig Non for this guest review of the Fifty Shades Of Grey Spanking Ruler (£7.99)

This sex accessory was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Lovehoney.

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