Fever Sexy Secretary Costume Review

9 out of 10


I was contacted by joke.co.uk (yes, I also took one look at the URL and thought yeah, right) and offered the choice of their extensive range of roleplay outfits and sexy costumes to review. After satisfying myself that this was not only a real website but also appeared to provide a fantastic choice for the costume loving and roleplay adventurous lover I finally settled on the Fever Secretary outfit to take for a ‘test spin’.


Why this one in particular? A few reasons. I love pinstripes, I think they’re adorable, whether on a woman’s suit or dress, a hat, or a man’s suit. There’s something very gangster and gangster’s moll about them. Also, this dress seemed to be a decent length, unlike many outfits I have tried from roleplay categories on sex toy sites before, which seem to stop about an inch south of my navel. I don’t feel this is a flattering or seductive length for a dress.  The front of the Fever Secretary outfit zips up with no hidden side zips or rear hooks and eyes or ties to worry about. You don’t have to remove the whole thing to go to the toilet, and with black leggings or even thick enough tights and boots I can imagine wearing this on a fun night out or to a fancy dress party, making it much more versatile than a definitely-bedroom-only choice.

Yes folks, this is the voice of experience talking. I’ve found many flaws in roleplay costumes and lingerie in the past and was determined not to make the same mistakes. Some new ones, perhaps; but fool me twice and all that.


As it happens, I really do like the Fever Secretary outfit. Sure, it’s not a top notch classy piece and it’s not made of the most luxurious materials. The seams are quite obviously rushed if you go in for a close look, and there isn’t that quality finish that you’d expect to find out a piece of outerwear.

By the way, the outfit is dry clean only, although I’d probably chance it in a pinned pillow case on a cool machine wash.


The sizing seems to present the opposite problem that lingerie and adult roleplay clothing usually does: I first asked for the medium size as I’m a UK 12 and the sizes go Small: 8-10, Medium: 12-14 and Large 16-18. I’m not a small UK 12 either in fact I’m quite curvy (34D boobs and *ahem* wide hips), so I was surprised when the Medium swamped me. I returned it without hassle or quibble to a freepost address and was sent the Small even before they’d received the Medium back. The Small size is a much better fit for me.


I’ve really enjoyed using this Secretary outfit as you can see from the pictures. it comes with some clear perspex-style lens glasses to complete that ‘secretary’ or ‘naughty librarian’ feel, as well as attachable/detachable suspender straps to attach stockings too.


I haven’t had any problems with this outfit and it’s lasted even through rigorous pulling around and sex…

It was fun to dress up in this for photos and for my partner, whether at home or on our recent hotel jaunt. Thanks Joke.co.uk!



If you’d like this outfit for yourself (a new one, not mine) then you can buy the Fever Secretary Roleplay Costume Outfit here for £26.99.

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