Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket Review

8 out of 10

Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket Review

by Cara Sutra

I received the wonderfully deviant Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket to test and review!

Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket Review by Cara Sutra 2

Those of you who know me will already know of my passion for the freakily fetish, kinkily crazy and the positively perverted in this world.

The Fetish Fantasy Unisex Straitjacket certainly meets all the above criteria! Presented in a clearly marked and attractively bedecked with models, box, the straitjacket enclosed also arrives with a free novelty blindfold for added naughtiness.

Reading that the material was polyester had me imagining that this jacket would be easy to rip or tear out of. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket Review by Cara Sutra 3

The material is strengthened and so tough due to a cross stitch weave that it mimics the traditional canvas straitjackets very well indeed. I defy anyone to escape this jacket once they are buckled into it. Even allowing for passionate struggles after plentiful teasing!

The jacket fastens up the back and at the collar with tightened straps, the arms cross over and fasten at the back in the same way. Straps for the legs mean that the material will not rise up and your victim… volunteer… will be beautifully bound and ready for you to have your wicked way with them.

Leaving the sexual area free means many types of sexual play abound with this item, either vanilla/normal intercourse or a more deviant chastity play using tease and denial, perhaps combined with chastity devices such as the ones found here.

I also love the D ring at the front of the neck part which is perfect to attach a clip leash to, plus the addition of a spreader bar between the ankles, thighs, or both would render the randy recipient entirely open to your wanton whims!

Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket Review by Cara Sutra 1

What I really enjoyed was watching my man’s face as he realised he really couldn’t escape from my evil and wicked clutches as I went to work over his quivering body. No escape!

This fetish and BDSM straitjacket is suitable for a male or female. You can buy the Fetish Fantasy Unisex Strait Jacket from Uber Kinky for just £43.99.


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  1. The girl in the package picture looks delicious and inspires evil thoughts. I would so love to take advantage of her helplessness! And yes, there would be leg spreaders too.

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