Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood Review

7 out of 10

Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood Review

This month I’ve been lucky enough to receive the Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. I was incredibly pleased to receive this item, as I have a soft spot for kinky headwear and BDSM masks and bondage hoods in particular.


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Packaging & First Impressions

This hood comes in the typical Fetish Fantasy packaging, a glossy cardboard box, within which the hood is folded up in a sealed plastic bag to protect it. No freebie Pipedream blindfold with this item, for which I was also thankful. The woman on the front of the box looks smugly satisfied with her Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood, and I hoped I would be just as teeth-lickingly-happy when I tried it out for myself.

Slipping the spandex (Lycra) hood from the small packet, it was obvious that this is a kinky hood designed for light use (pun unintended) in the bedroom. if you’re after a heavy weight total sensory deprivation hood, this isn’t it. The stretchy material is completely breathable and comfortable to wear, with an opening at the front meant for the mouth area. it’s a bit like a black Lycra balaclava without the eye holes.


As the Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood is stretchy there’s no lacing up or zips to worry about, simply pull the hood over your or your partner’s head and position the mouth opening accordingly.

I’m gonna cut a long story short here and say I have three uses for this hood:

1) A larger, more comfortable version of an eye mask to sleep in and help block early morning sunlight

2) A comfortable lining underneath an actual hood or buckle up heavy duty blindfold

3) A travel friendly and light weight alternative to an actual BDSM hood.

As a hood in its own right it’s really only useful for those who aren’t used to wearing Bondage Hoods, perhaps newbies to BDSM in its more extreme forms looking for a bridging item to use between a blindfold and a heavy duty, all encompassing hood.

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During Use

Although vision is restricted, I can still see where my hand is in front of my face with this Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood on, with the lights on. it does add a kinky fun factor when you’re using it with lights off, as of course you can see even less. But this is by no means a totally vision restricting hood.

The lack of buckles and zips will ensure that even the most timid kink adventurer will feel comfy with this hood on. It can be worn by him or her, and folds up very small to take up minimal space if you’re packing it for clubs, dirty weekends away or travelling for kink sessions.


This isn’t an item I will be using on a daily/nightly basis but it’s fun for non-extreme, sexual based fetish play. I will be keeping it in my kit bag for travels as it’s perfect for scared submissives and the uninitiated, before the tantalising terror of my total sensory deprivation hood.

Buy Yours

In summary, this is a cheap first time hood or portable alternative to the heavy weights of the hoods world. You can buy your Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood online for just £15.99 (at the time of writing), which is a very reasonable price.



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