Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle Review

9 out of 10

Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle Review

By Just Jess

I was lucky enough to receive the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle by Pipedream Toys free of charge in exchange for my open and honest review. This in no way affects my opinion of the product.

Pipedream Toys aren’t the most reputable of companies and have had some very bad press. These have been widely covered by other reviewers and bloggers so I won’t get into that here and will just focus on the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle itself.



There was no packaging with this paddle, just a plastic sleeve and a cardboard tag attached to the basic cord threaded through the handle.

The cord is long enough to wrap around your wrist to ensure the paddle doesn’t fly off if you get a little too enthusiastic 😉


The Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle is made of stiff rubber with very little flex, being rubber I expected this to feel slappy but the rigidity makes it very stingy. Adding to this sting is the raised pattern either side, one side is more extreme than the other and feels almost barbed.

During Use

Even a few light whacks across my bum or thighs is enough to make them glow. The paddle is seriously painful if enough force is used.

Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle Review

The barbed side is just about pronounced enough to leave a faint pattern on my ass but this quicky faded which is a real shame, I loved seeing where He’d been afterwards.


Size wise the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle is quite petite at 11” total length. The handle makes up just under 4” of this, but don’t let the size fool you, it packs a punch.

In Conclusion

I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to impact play but my partner knows my limits and left no bruising using this paddle. I can’t handle any more than a few moderate slaps on each cheek with this paddle but you could definitely step up the intensity if you like more extreme sensations.

This paddle is not going to be gathering dust in our toy drawer any time soon. I love it and Sir is determined to build up my stamina!


– Just Jess

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Jess for this contributed review of the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle.


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