Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Mattress Restraints Kit Review

9 out of 10

Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Mattress Restraints Kit Review

I was sent the Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Mattress Restraints Kit free of charge, in exchange for my fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. Let’s see what I thought after our experiences with this kinky set!


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The Fetish Fantasy collection by Pipedream Toys has many, many items which appeal to those either on the bedroom bondage end of the kink spectrum, all the way to medical fetish and dungeon thrill seekers.

First Impressions

The Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Mattress Restraints Kit is fairly simple in design, for all the sparkle and glamour on the box – if you’re into the ‘ooh!’ ‘aah!’ ladies of sex toy packaging land. Personally, when I’m getting bound on a bed (or anywhere) I tend to make sure I remove my knickers. Probably just me. Anyway.

This set also comes with a FREE EYE MASK. Long story short = this eyemask (aka blindfold) is rubbish.

I don’t suppose anyone buys this kit for the free eyemask so the point is fairly moot. Coming to the kit itself, it’s simple to use even though it may look a little complex at first. If you’re anything like me, you firstly have my sympathies and secondly will look at things like this with a lot of straps and tethers and think oh god. How? Why? Where?

It’s almost like they expect you to have an IKEA fetish.

Setting Up

Actually, setting up and using this Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Mattress Restraints Kit is refreshingly simple. One nylon strap goes under your mattress, lengthways, and two cuffs dangle out at the top, two cuffs dangle out at the bottom. Simples.

The cuffs are attached to that central strong nylon strap by way of metal trigger clips, which mean the cuffs can firstly be removed and used with other D and O ring bondage accessories and tethers and secondly when your session is done, you can just unclip the cuffs and keep them on, no need to fiddle around in the dark or through exhaustion trying to undo them.

The straps under the mattress adjust to fit any length of bed. I have a king sized bed and the strap adjusts perfectly even with some room left over. Where the central nylon strap splits into the two cuff tethers at either end, these lengths are also adjustable, meaning when you or your lover is on top of the mattress, no matter their size or height you can adjust the cuffs to reach comfortably and fit.

During Use

Whoever is in charge can keep the cuffs as taut or as slack as you wish, depending on the range of movement you want to permit.

The cuffs are placed around the wrists and ankles and tightened with the velcro straps. Velcro? I hear you cry. That’s not ‘proper’ bondage!

Well, just you try getting out of the bondage this Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Mattress Restraints Kit provides when all four of your limbs are strapped in. Impossible. You can’t twist your hands to reach round and undo the strap, so the bondage is very effective. However as it is velcro it is completely non-threatening even for bondage newbies and those who want to just experiment with bedroom bondage, as much as this set would also delight long term kinksters such as myself.


The cuffs are made with a soft padded material which is covered in an almost satin feel material to make them quite soft and very comfortable against the skin. There is no chafing or discomfort.

The box and any info I can find on this product says they are velvet or velvet lined, but they are not. Velvet to me is what hair scrunchies and goths’ wardrobes are made of and this is not that. It is comfortable, don’t get me wrong; but velvet it is not.


I’ve actually been surprised by this set as I wasn’t expecting to be very impressed. Fetish Fantasy are very hit and miss – some items are fantastic quality and I’d use them regularly, others aren’t worth the cardboard boxes they’re placed in.

It’s a good job there are sex toy testers willing to give their honest opinion! *winks*

I can’t think of anything I dislike about this kit (excepting the free eye mask, obviously), it does what it says on the box, it very efficiently binds you with ease and comfort and the cuffs can be discreetly tucked under the mattress between uses.

The only thing I can knock a point off for, is that I would prefer a more lavish material for the cuffs, or for them to be faux fur or actually velvet lined. However this would push the price up, so there is that to consider.

Buy Yours

The Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Under Mattress Restraints Kit will cost you £25.99 (at the time of writing) which I think is a very fair price for something that despite being a simple idea, is well made and the cuffs can come apart from the main tethers and be used separately making them completely versatile.

If you don’t have any other bondage accessories this is a fab place to start: it turns your bed into a dungeon-esque playground, you get a full set of comfortable cuffs which fit any size and are easy to use, and the set can be used by either gender and those of any sexuality. Perfect!



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