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9 out of 10

Festive Regular Joe Passion Pouch (24 Regular Condoms)

Pleasure Panel review by Lightweight Toucan

I received the Festive Regular Joe Passion Pouch (24 Regular Condoms) from Freedoms Shop to review. In a lovely, well presented string tie, Christmas-red bag, are numerous condoms. The condoms are your everyday standard ones, made by Skins.

Festive Regular Joe Passion Pouch Christmas themed condoms freedoms shop review

These condoms are in blue wrappers, with the usual easy to open edges. Compared to other brands, the husband and I found Skins to be smaller than we are used to in length, and roll back up occasionally. This isn’t a huge deal, they are not tiny but it makes me wonder if condom manufacturers all use the same standard size for basic condoms, and if not, what the difference is.

This lovely pouch is a great stocking filler for almost anyone (little Nana’s or your single best friend may not be too impressed though) as you get plenty of condoms and the red pouch is discreet, without any obvious wording or tags.

The condoms themselves are well made, being slightly thicker (in my mind) than other brands, but that does not detract from them at all. Skins use enough lube inside the condom so putting one on is so easy, you could do it one handed and carry on playing with your partner, believe me, we managed it. As I said, the only problem we had was how short the condom was compared to others, it seemed around a centimetre smaller than we are used to. But it isn’t a huge deal for us as we don’t use condoms in our everyday sex life, and once we had it on, even though it was smaller, it stayed in place the whole time.

Once used, it ties up easily. The condom leaves some lube behind on my husband, but it didn’t feel tacky or sticky. It’s easy to clean off and didn’t make him feel “gross” (his phrase for that tacky, it-won’t-come-off feel that some lubes and condoms give you)

A great condom for everyday use, easy to put on and stays in place. Plus the bag can be reused for anything you’d like.

9/10, fun to use and makes a great small gift.

– Lightweight Toucan

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lightweight Toucan for this guest review of the Festive Regular Joe Passion Pouch (24 Regular Condoms) (£7)

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These condoms were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Freedoms Shop.

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