Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Review – Good Vibrations by Hypnotic Dreams

9 out of 10

Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Review – Good Vibrations, Hypnotic Dreams

Pleasure Panel review by Big Kinky BBW

Thanks to regular Cara Sutra reviewer Big Kinky BBW for this guest review of Good Vibrations by Hypnotic Dreams. This is an erotic hypnosis MP3 so a new type of product to be reviewed here at Cara Sutra; I’m glad it worked so well! Thanks again Big Kinky BBW.

If you’d like to give this MP3 a try, you can buy it here at Hypnotic Dreams for $25, which at today’s rates equates to about £15.99.

– Cara Sutra

Good Vibrations by Hypnotic Dreams Review


Thanks to Cara Sutra for letting me do this review; I struggle to orgasm due to my medication so I thought this would be ideal for me to try. I was quite excited to try it and the first time I tried it I had had a couple of glasses of wine and although I chuckled every time the word vibration was said it did the trick and I came. The man has such a lovely voice I could listen to him reading my shopping list, I tried this several times and only orgasmed the first time however it does get me in the mood. My only criticism would be the use of the word “mons” as I have no idea what they are so that does take my mind off sexual and into “oohhhh must go Google that”.

The mp3 starts by explaining about words being vibrations we feel with our ears then explains about “your sex “ resonating with the sound of his voice. The voice is quite wonderful and you can definitely feel the vibrations with the word Vibrato. Some people might be uncomfortable when he describes the sex act he is “going” to do to you and where but I see the reasoning and I believe it works.

I would definitely give this nine out of ten.

– Big Kinky BBW


  1. Hi Cara and Big Kinky. Thanks for the review and the compliments. I debated whether or not to use the word ‘mons’. I know it’s not in common use any more. But I couldn’t find better known synonym for that part of the body.

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