Erotic Book Review: The Cottage in the Woods (Short Story) – Lucy Felthouse

7 out of 10

The Cottage in the Woods by Lucy Felthouse

This sweet (ok, hot lesbian) little story starts with Heidi, in the cottage, in the woods. At first you’re unsure what is happening as it seems to be some kind of Disney set up, reminiscent of Snow White… but soon the fun begins and heigh-ho ~winks~ a naked woman appears in the garden. As they do.

One line did make me giggle early on…

“Heidi dashed the to door, making the decision to get the woman inside her first priority…”

Oh how another comma could change the meaning of that line! Naughty giggles aside, I carried on and it appears that in my recent reading collection redheads appear to be the order of the day. No doubt making the most of the connotations between red and hot!

A hot story ensues including far fetched but somehow acceptable shape shifter erotica, which also calls upon the furry set (!) in its references and nuances.

It’s completely foxy, in fact.

Pretty soon the action hots up with girl on girl and the lesbian romping definitely puts you in the mood. Decisively written as well as creative and unapologetic, Lucy Felthouse tends to your Sapphic erotica needs as well as the girls tend to each other in the book…

Very cleverly, some details are left to the reader’s imagination which is often the best tool for stimulation. It’s tailored to each person and an imagination just needs a few seeds and off it goes…

However there is also enough description to keep you reading and wanting even more.

It doesn’t take long to each the happily ever after in this delightful short story, but the afterglow remains with you all day and gives you some seriously sexy ideas!

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