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3 out of 10
Megan Hart
Mills & Boon

Switch (Mills & Boon Spice) by Megan Hart

I must say that unfortunately I found this an incredibly difficult book to read to completion. The first half seemed to be going nowhere. The main character, Paige, is a normal woman, normal job, all very normal.

Notes arrive in her mailbox by mistake, how odd. But nothing too dramatic, shocking or exciting either. She has a love of fine stationery. Lovely. It didn’t add much to the story apart from many paragraphs describing various papers, parchments, pens and ink.

I don’t know if it’s because I have been made immune by my own experiences in the kink scene or if this book really is as bland as it felt, but it was definitely difficult to carry on going.

Even in the second half when it becomes apparent that Paige is sensing a slight change in herself and growing in confidence due to a realisation that she can have power over men and enjoys it, it still isn’t the life changer you’d hope for.

The ‘erotic interludes’ or sex scenes were nothing to grip the sheets about and felt overly tame and vanilla.

In fact by the end I just wanted to slap Paige and ask her what she’s been whinging about – tell her to just get on with her life and either be with this person or that. Hey, if you like taking control, sort your head out and do it. If you love him, be with him.

I really don’t see why this has been made into a book. The plot is thin, almost non-existent, actually – and I didn’t find it erotic at all. I spent most of the time reading it feeling a mixture of confusion, boredom and frustration that it wasn’t hotter or more interesting. I was merely waiting for it to end.

The title of the book was part of the problem throughout. To me, ‘switch’ is a kink orientation – both submission and dominance being enjoyed by a switch – but in fact this orientation is only very briefly explored and too subtly touched upon by the author about the main character, Paige.

She’s in fact just a girl who wasn’t sure of her feelings for someone until various events and experiences happened but then it’s all good in the end and they live happily ever after.

It’s not the spicy book I was hoping for, but I will be on the lookout for Megan Hart’s other novels in the hope that this was just a one off. I really do hate feeling like this and wish I could say that I enjoyed it more, but it just wasn’t for me. Sorry ~hangs head~

On the plus side, this book would be perfect for someone very new to erotica and unaware of kink, looking for an incredibly light romance.



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