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Durex Sexlection Box

Pleasure Panel review by Scandarella

Confession time: I’m a 35 year old woman and had never used a Durex product in my life before this month. The very word ‘Durex’ has always reminded me of two things: the dirty jokes my older cousins would tell when I was a kid – none of which I understood – and the realisation in my early teens of exactly what those jokes meant, and therefore what those Durex things in my parent’s bedroom were actually for.

So the Durex Sexlection Box was my first foray into a range of products my immature self has avoided forever. The question is, had I been missing anything?

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Well, inside of a purple gift box that puts me in mind of celebrity perfumes (think Katy Perry’s Purr) sits three products:

Those items are a very nice little selection in my opinion, and I’ll attack each one here in order of abuse. I mean use. Obviously.

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Durex Play O Orgasm Enhancing Gel

First up was the Durex Play O Gel.

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Though I don’t use them every time something touches my clit, I do like orgasm enhancers, and I have a few favourites that I always have in the potions drawer. I was immediately impressed when I opened the white and pink O box and pulled out a weeny glass bottle. The pump was in the box too, and I had to take the cap off the bottle and screw it on myself. Something felt extra hygienic about that, and I liked it.

Like I said, the bottle is very small, yet very cute. It’s filled with 15mls of clear gel, which is the consistency of loose hold hair gel. It smells almost exactly like the pink, watered down minty mouth wash you get at the end of a dentists visit; not unpleasant, but not lovely either. It smells chemically, and it has a good right to, given what’s in it.

The ingredients list contains a few things that set alarm bells ringing for some people, propylene glycol and parabens being two of them. But as I’ve said in other reviews, I’ve never reacted badly to those ingredients so don’t stress too much.

I really like this gel. Just two pumps of it gently rubbed on to my clit is enough to get me feeling all tingly, and after application there’s a few different sensations to be felt. It’s both warming and cooling, depending on what your hands/toy/partner is doing, and the tingles it provides really do heighten sensation. I wouldn’t say it’s something that would be enough to tip me over the edge on those days I can’t come for love nor money, but it does enhance play when my body is in the mood to go there. I wouldn’t recommend putting it anywhere near your mouth though, because that is most unpleasant, but we’ve found it okay for use during sex, with added lube of course.

Durex Thin Feel Condoms

Next came the condoms.

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Now while my OH’s cock isn’t something that would give Goliath penis envy, it is above what is considered ‘average’. We’ve never had an issue with condom fit before, and I’m pleased to say the dreaded Durex *inner child cringes* didn’t become the first to give us problems.

Here’s another confession: I am one 100% crap at putting condoms on my OH and always have been, so he does it himself, and he was more than happy with the fit. He said he could tell the difference between wearing it and not wearing it during sex, and the thin feel did make a difference on how much he could feel over other brands we have. They’re strong enough to withstand some vigorous thrusting, whether on a cock or a toy, and that suits me fine as I always have my OH use condoms during anal sex, and I use them with silicone anal toys too.

Durex Play Vibrations Cock Ring

And finally, out came the cock ring.

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I admit, I put off using this as long as I could, cos I was convinced it was gonna be rubbish. And I was right. It’s made from jelly rubber and stretches enough to accommodate a decent girth. The bullet that provides the vibes is a small, pill shaped thing and there’s a purple on/off button on the top. It’s a single use affair and you get an approximant 20 minutes play from it.

To be honest, it’s not something that I would ever buy for myself, though as part of this set it fits quite nicely, especially if you’re giving it as a gift for a naughty night in. I honestly don’t think anyone who is accustomed to sex toys will get much out of this cock ring in the way of vibes. It’s super buzzy, so much so that if you press it firmly against the skin it almost feels like it’s stopped. Only the most insanely sensitive clits will get anything out of this. Those and clits that have never felt vibrations before, as I can remember that the sheer surprise of feeling such a new sensation when I first used something buzzy sent me racing to orgasm.

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As a cock ring in the sense of hardening and prolonging an erection, I don’t think this or any other jelly like toys would work. They stretch too much and don’t spring back to their original tightness, so if you’re after something that will provide those things look for something else.


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On the whole, this Durex Sexlection Box is good fun. There’s something practical, something useful and the third thing is either something novel or just a novelty, depending on your experience levels with vibrating sex toys.

– Scandarella

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Scandarella for this guest review of the Durex Sexlection Box (£14.99)

This box was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Superdrug Health. You can read all the Durex product reviews at Cara Sutra here.


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