Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset Review

8 out of 10

Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset Review

This Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset was sent for review from the Crimson Princess online sex shop –thank you. I was able to choose a couple of items to review and the first I settled on was this garment. It to incorporate the facets I find most attractive in my lingerie: corsetry, flattering shape, dark colours, lace, leather (albeit faux), easy access, comfortable to wear and easy to remove in a hurry.

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First Impressions 

After having a look at the size chart I settled on what they describe as ‘large’ because I’m over a C cup (currently 32DD or 32E). When it arrived the label said 38 which I’d thought was the equivalent of a UK dress size 10, but upon trying it on it felt a little loose on me despite my current dress size being nearer a UK size 12. My current measurements are 36-29-37 (inches) but they can fluctuate by an inch or so on a daily basis, and  I’m in the process of slimming down further. 

Happily I do still have a generous ‘booty’ 😉

Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset Review

Anyway, I decided to keep the Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset instead of sending it for a smaller size because I wasn’t sure a smaller one would be as easy to do up – I can do the zip on this one up myself even though it’s a rear fasten one. The garment is extremely attractive as well – the faux leather providing a stern contrast to the gentle elegance of the lace ‘skirt’ area. There are lace shoulder straps too. 


As well as the main item, there’s an included thong. I haven’t even worn this because it’s the usual type which seems to arrive with ‘bedroom lingerie’; a larger and smaller piece of the same material the main feature is made from with some stitched on elastic forming a vague ‘thong’ shape. In my experience they’re not comfortable to wear and they don’t provide a lot of coverage. At least this one has the essence of a gusset.

That said, I have kept the thong; I may want to ‘pirate-up’ the Beyonce corset at some point and reckon I could fashion a decent eye-patch out of it.  

What I Like 

Loving the overall look of the Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset while I’m wearing it. It’s comfortable, and like I’ve mentioned, easy for me to get into by myself (a requirement if I’m to surprise the other half; nothing ruins a lingerie surprise like having to call them in order to be zipped, buttoned or tied into the thing). The front laces can be adjusted for your particular cleavage needs, and the way it was tied upon arrival was fine for me personally.  

I find it extremely sexy and my partner agrees – the comfort during wear helps because that keeps me feeling confident. And as we know, there’s nothing like confidence to boost your sex appeal!

What’s Not So Great 

Although the Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset is extremely appealing and I (and my partner) find it very sexy, it’s a little on the costly side for an item of bedroom lingerie. It’s plastic boned not steel, and for £30-£40 more you could get a steel-boned corset that could be worn out of the house.  

The size is also a little ‘one size fits all’ -when, to be frank, people’s bodies aren’t made like that. The tie fasten at the bust area helps to tailor it a little, but other than that you have to hope the boned area of the corset and the lace skirt fits your particular body comfortably and in a flattering way.  

Who I’d Recommend To 

I’d recommend this ‘large’ size of the Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset to someone with a UK dress size of 12 and even through to a UK 14. I think it would be slightly small for a UK 16. I’m a 32DD and my boobs don’t fill this corset, so UK 12-14s with my size boobs and below would probably have the same problem.  

If you’re a small UK size 12 with my size boobs or under then go for the medium size, is my advice! 

This Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset would probably appeal to those like me – with an interest in the darker side of both lingerie and bedroom adventures. Although it has a feminine, elegant side thanks to the lace skirted area and shoulder straps, the central and main feature is the leather-look corset which seems to me to have undertones of more intense eroticism, power exchange and female-led kink.  

Where To Buy Yours 

Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset Review

If the Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset looks like your perfect item of bedroom lingerie, you can buy yours from Crimson Princess for £65.99. It’s available in a variety of sizes and arrives well-packaged in discreet outer packaging.  

Thanks so much once again to crimsonprincess.co.uk for sending this gorgeous item of Dreamgirl lingerie for me to enjoy wearing, taking plenty of photographs of and reviewing here at the Cara Sutra sex blog.  


Dreamgirl Beyonce Faux Leather And Lace Corset Review

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