DONA Naughty Sinful Spring Linen Spray Review

9 out of 10

DONA Naughty Sinful Spring Linen Spray Review

By JM88

I was so excited to be offered the chance to test the DONA Naughty Sinful Spring Linen Spray, although I must admit to being a bit sceptical of anything that claims to enhance sexual arousal by using pheromones, aphrodisiacs or any such thing. But hey, lets not judge it until I have tried it!


First Impressions

When I first received this luscious bottle of DONA Linen Spray I couldn’t wait to test it. I sprayed a bit in the air and I was so surprised with how strong the aroma was, yet how it didn’t overpower me! It’s hard to describe the exact smell but it was a comforting, fresh smell which I think would appeal to both men and women. It wasn’t overly flowery or perfumey.

A few sprays of this onto fresh linen really livens things up! The room fills with a fresh scent and really sets the scene.

Scent Connotations

However I found that the real hidden gem here is spraying some onto your clothes the next day! Smelling the scent that was now associated with the wild passionate sex the night before was amazing! Every time I caught a smell of the Linen Spray I was reminded just how good the night before was.

I think the subtle reminder is the real winner here. By associating the aroma of the DONA Naughty Sinful Spring Linen Spray with a positive experience it really does help me to get in the mood. Of course you could say that about any scented product, but I think the main selling point here is that the subtle, long lasting aromas help to add to the sensual atmosphere rather than trying to cover any odours.


I really love the DONA Naughty Sinful Spring Linen Spray and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the full sensual experience, especially those who like to associate a pleasant aroma with a particular scene. I would have to give this a 9/10 since I can’t help myself from spraying it on all my soft furnishings!

– JM88

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer JM88 for this review of the DONA Naughty Sinful Spring Linen Spray.


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