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7 out of 10

DONA by JO Kissable Massage Oil (Chocolate Mousse)

Pleasure Panel review by EchoReviews

This DONA by JO Kissable Massage Oil (Chocolate Mousse flavour) drew my interest because it was labelled as a pheromone and aphrodisiac oil, and I was very intrigued by the thought of a massage oil  that might turn me on. I’ve always ‘suffered’ the age old dilemma after a lovely long massage, of either falling into a satisfied slumber or rolling over and giving my OH the ride of his life. My hope for this massage oil was to help tip the stalemate between sleep and sex in favour of the latter.

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Usually something with pheromones in will smell intoxicating to the point where I swear I can feel my pupils dilate and my breathing quicken. This DONA by JO Kissable Massage Oil, however, just smells sweetly and subtly of chocolate. It’s a great smell, but does it make me feel like jumping my OH and tearing off his clothes? Well no, I’m too busy dreaming of crêpes, ice-cream smothered with chocolate sauce and other foods containing chocolatey goodness. Aside from my mouth watering, this oil does not seem to provoke any bodily responses from me.

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The bottle is small, but it does go quite far. My other half did have to reapply it but that is probably because he was a little too stingy with it. The oil feels really nice and slick, it didn’t dry out on me, and lasted the half an hour that other half was willing to spend massaging me! However I did find that it not drying or absorbing into my skin meant that I was left slick and oily, which may sound fun but was pretty inconvenient. We got some of it off with wet wipes, but it really called for a shower. We’ve used it twice now and there is still ¾ of the bottle left.

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Far from settling the war between sleep and sex, the DONA by JO Kissable Massage Oil added a fourth element to contend with… HUNGER. That being said, it’s still a really great massage oil with a fantastic scent. Not as overpoweringly cloying as some scents can be, or reeking of various flowers or fruits, its subtle aroma of chocolate is something I really appreciate – even though it leaves me craving food rather more than it does sex!

7/10 for the DONA by JO Kissable Massage Oil (Chocolate Mousse flavour).

– EchoReviews

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer EchoReviews for this guest review of the DONA by JO Kissable Massage Oil (Chocolate Mousse) (US $9.95 for a 4.25oz bottle, which converts to approx £7 at today’s rates). 

You can find the System JO range here at Simply Pleasure in the UK.

This massage oil was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by System JO / DONA by JO.

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