DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle Review

8 out of 10
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DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle Review

By Tangled Lover

DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle review: DONA by System JO produce products for women aimed to Pamper; to Entice and to Play.  Their slogan is ‘Who is Dona?’ ‘ Women want to be her men want to be with her’.



The DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle comes well presented in a high quality pink box with logo and description.  It has Usage on the back in small writing, it is repeated in several European languages; French, Italian, German and Spanish.  On the bottom of the box is warning: if irritation occurs discontinue use (also in 5 languages), as well as ingredient list, company address and expiry, Lot No, etc.  The box is reinforced with a thicker cardboard inside, which has done a great job of protecting the glass tumbler in the post.


Ingredients (if you are interested) listed are: Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Pheromones, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Cucumis Sativus (cucumber) Fruit Extract, Parfum.

We assume that the Pueraria Mirifica Extract is an aphrodisiac ingredient, along with cucumber, as when searched online: It is a plant found in Thailand and is used as a medicinal herb- believed to promote youthfulness and increase libido.  Apparently, the cucumber has aphrodisiac properties and is more than just an extra-large dildo!

The DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle is presented in a clear glass tumbler with a metallic pink label around it, which displays the brand, label, description and the slogan ‘let me tease you’.  The expiry and lot no is displayed on the bottom of the glass tumbler.  It has a net weight of 135g/ 4.75oz.  It measures 7cm x 7cm/ 2.75inchesx 2.75 inches

All in all it is well presented and feels and looks like a high quality product.


When lit for the first time it took about 30 minutes to melt enough oil to use to massage, which if you are waiting for it may be a let-down.  But we managed to fill our time with a few, err, other distractions!!

When lit subsequently it takes about 8 minutes to melt a teaspoon of oil.  If you want more than that it will obviously take longer.  It does have a tendency to melt down the centre, so you may have to swill it around to get full use out of the product.

When you have enough melted, you need to blow out the candle.  It is pretty much cool enough to use straight away.  We found that if it was left to cool for too long it does re-solidify.  Depending how much oil you have left in the tumbler will depend how quickly it re-solidifies.  Approximately 10 minutes for 5mls.

The Massage Oil

DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle Review

It has a strong pleasant sweet smell while burning, and the scent remains once it’s an oil on your hands.  The oil feels smooth on the skin but not greasy.  Also, it quickly absorbs into the skin, so will need replenishing if you’re using it for more than just a quick bit of foreplay.  The candle would need to be re-lit and extinguished several times to maintain a full body massage.  We have used the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle for a bit of foreplay.  We have also used it for a full on full body, sensual massage and it was a little tricky relighting it when the lighter is slipping out of my hands, and flying around the room!  It got a few giggles from us both.

During Use

The oil felt really good on the skin during the massage, it being warmed prior to application was a big plus, as sometimes you need to rub massage oil in your hands to get it up to a comfortable body temperature.  We tested the wax a found that it was not too hot for us to pour it directly on to the skin, so we could have some fun with hot wax play.

While giving a sensual massage and foreplay there was a lot of kissing and we both noted that the oil did not have any bad after taste or flavour.

We’ve had no problems with sensitivity to the oil or vapour from the candle, and I have asthma and my wife has sensitive skin so don’t be scared off by the warning.

Quite a few of JO products are pheromone infused, but to be honest, if you’re planning on using the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle you’re already in the mood!  If you know what I mean.   So we couldn’t really say if this really works or not.


Overall, we were very impressed by the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle.  It smells great and feels great too, easily absorbed and non-greasy, good for a quick fondle or a full body but can be tricky to relight with oily hands.

We would rate this product 8/10.

– Tangled Lover

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Tangled Lover for this review of the DONA Flirty Blushing Berry Massage Candle.


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