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9 out of 10

Domme Chronicles by Sharyn Ferns Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Wilf3564

I bought Domme Chronicles by Sharyn Ferns after seeing the book advertised on Twitter. I made enquiries and even texted the author herself before downloading it to my Kindle. This is an unbiased review and I have received nothing in return for writing it.

Domme Chronicles by Sharyn Ferns Book ReviewDomme Chronicles by Sharyn Ferns is a book about Female Dominance. Something I was not too familiar with, as the few BDSM books I have read before were written by men and the women were there simply to be submissive. They were also masculine and graphic, written mainly as a vehicle to describe sex.

Sharyn Ferns has recounted a series of true stories from her life, along with a few fantasy scenes. Written from a feminine perspective they are based on feelings, thoughts and fantasies, making them far more of a vehicle than the blunt instruments I had previously encountered, but no less graphic or forceful in their content.

Sharyn covers almost every aspect of the D/s relationship. For example, there is a whole chapter simply on kissing; however it is so detailed and intense that it leaves you just as aroused and enthralled as one of the chapters on sex (of which there are many).

Whether she is describing taking her sub to a cinema or extreme needle play, every vignette is a standalone and complete in and of itself. Be it two paragraphs or several pages long, each is written in careful, loving detail; recounting thoughts, feelings and wants so that the reader is drawn deeper into the narrative and left gasping at the end.

Domme Chronicles by Sharyn Ferns is not for the faint hearted. It covers almost every aspect of the Domme’s wants and fantasies; everything from kissing to the complete de-humanisation and almost total destruction of her sub. Sharyn Ferns draws you into each and every situation so that you live it with her.

You have been warned!

– Wilf3564

Many thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Wilf3564 for this contributed review of the Domme Chronicles by Sharyn Ferns book
(£12.99 paperback; also available for Kindle). 

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