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Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider

Pleasure Panel review by crimescene

I was chuffed to receive the Dirty Rendezvous erotic photography book to review from Cara Sutra. It’s by Chas Ray Krider and comes in glorious hardback boasting glossy (wipe clean) pages of photographs.

Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider goliath books crimescene review

Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider goliath books crimescene review

The title page is also the contents page, and informs you that there is an introduction that comes in five different languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Then come the photographs, then Krider’s biography, and finally, more by Goliath Books. It is interesting to note that on the opposite page where the usual small print is, there is a disclaimer that states all models were over the age of 18 at the time they posed for these photos (as if they could age backwards) and had signed appropriate model releases and provided proof of age. It also states that all photos were staged and consensual. Now, myself having modelled, I realise this is standard procedure. Nevertheless it’s very good to see this acknowledged.

Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider goliath books crimescene review

Now, the part you have all been waiting for: the photos. There’s actually not a lot that can be said about them. Quite obviously, it’s more about actually seeing them than having them described to you. Many of the models appear several times throughout the book wearing a variety of nothing or lingerie. There is not nudity in every photo yet they are all rather tasteful. The actual models are all unique and cater for all ‘tastes’. For example there are: dreadlocks, short hair, thin, chunky, big/small breasts, tattoos, body piercings and pubes. Some of the photos are colour themed, others feature shibari,rope bondage, smoking, casually sprawled across furniture and more. There really is quite a variety.

You may not have realised that I am female. That in itself shows more females are going public with the fact they enjoy erotica, nudity and even porn. There was certainly a time that it was deemed only for males. Unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to this subject. Some people view it as wrong and dirty (in a bad way). If you have ever been told you are wrong or dirty to want to enjoy consenting adults being intimate, or playing in a BDSM environment, please realise there is nothing wrong at all with it. Everyone has the right to sexual expression providing it is consensual. It’s just a shame that some people don’t realise we can’t all be tarnished with the same brush.


– Chili Crimescene

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer crimescene for this guest review of the erotic photography book Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider (£29.99)

This erotic art book was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Goliath Books.

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