Diogol ANNI Butt Plug Review

4 out of 10

Diogol ANNI Butt Plug Review

By Candy Snatch

I’m a massive fan of pretty sex toys, so really loved the look of the Diogol ANNI Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal. I was excited to try it and to receive it because it looked stunning in the picture and I’m very much a visually stimulated person.


Diogol Anni Swarovski Butt Plug Review

First Impressions

On receipt I excitedly opened it and was immediately shocked by the size. The plug came housed in a little clear plastic box, which was a nice way to present it. On closer inspection it seemed very small and the base was nowhere near as flared as I’m comfortable with.


The Diogol ANNI Butt Plug is made of a beautiful pink aluminium and has a gorgeous clear crystal in the end. It is a beautiful product. The bulb has a gentle flare down to the stem and is smooth to the touch. Holding the plug in my hand it was nice and light compared to my steel plugs and warmed up nicely. Being metal it’s body safe and nice and easy to clean and has no awkward crevices.


I’m far from a beginner to anal toys and so found the small size disappointing. I’m most comfortable with a nice wide base to my plugs so I don’t have to worry about them disappearing and looking at the Diogol butt plug I wasn’t entirely confident in its security which was a concern, however the shape looked inviting and it was so attractive I pushed this to the back of my mind.

Diogol Anni Swarovski Butt Plug Review

During Use

When I came to use the anal toy, I found I didn’t need much lube and the Diogol ANNI Butt Plug slid into place easily. The flare from bulb to stem is gentle enough that it slipped in without any real stretch and slid home comfortably. It’d be fair to say this size plug would be better for a beginner or maybe someone that doesn’t indulge in anal sex. The depth was lacking for me and the shallow penetration quickly became  more irritating than enjoyable.

I was aware I was wearing something but there was no feeling of weight, fullness or stretch all things I enjoy out of using anal sex toys. I would be cautious of wearing this plug during sex as the base is about the size of my thumb and I’d be concerned that during play it could disappear, that being said this could just be my individual preference for safety in anal toys.

Diogol Anni Swarovski Butt Plug Review


I found despite my initial excitement at trying the Diogol ANNI Butt Plug I am disappointed in it on the whole. Whilst it is certainly beautiful and appeals to my aesthetic side, practically for me it isn’t really any good. I didn’t get much out of wearing it due to the lack of size and wouldn’t be comfortable to wear it for any length of time due to safety issues which is a real shame.

Diogol Anni Swarovski Butt Plug Review


After trying the Diogol ANNI Butt Plug I Googled the product and found at least one instance of someone finding the plug vanishing inside them during prolonged wear. I would advise caution if you do try this plug.

I rate the Diogol ANNI Butt Plug a 4/10. It certainly is a gorgeous item to look at but won’t be one I’ll be using again.

– Candy Snatch

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch for this contributed review of the Diogol ANNI Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal.

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  1. Your concerns on the “safety issues” are completely justified. The base is too small and like you I would also NOT recommend this being worn for any length of time. Your link to my “found at least one instance” experience was quite scary and concerning at the time . . . and consequently I have not used it since.
    Your review is excellent in every respect and a perfect summary of my own feelings (now). I have actually considered removing my review from my pages completely, but decided for the time-being at least that it is a factual account of my initial, and subsequent, feelings for this item and is for that reason perhaps better left as is.
    Xxx – K

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