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6 out of 10

DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Red Divine

Ahh the Pleasure Panel, I’ve missed you guys! Seems like an age since I’ve been here and it almost feels like coming home… So a massive thank you to Cara Sutra and DewciBox for the opportunity to review the DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box.

So without further ado… I’m sure most of you have now heard about the relatively new appeal of sex toy subscription boxes. DewciBox offer either a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription box as well as a few standalone boxes which is where this one falls. I’ve read several reviews now and can see where the appeal lies for certain people and types of shoppers and I can also see where there can be real downsides especially for seasoned buyers or sex toy gurus out there. You’re never going to please everyone, it’s impossible but these boxes are designed to hit a target audience and hopefully be a good all rounder of options for a special date night maybe or perhaps a kinky birthday gift for opening away from family eyes or that monthly surprise of goodies to keep the spice kicking in a relationship.

As some of you will be aware if you’ve read some of my other reviews, I am in a same sex relationship so reviewing this as part of a lesbian couple may not be the ‘average’ opinion on a product that seems to be mainly targeted at hetero couple market. You know what though I think that’s a good thing and hopefully it will help branch out from a heteronormative society.

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The DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box arrives as a solid, hinged lid box with a ribbon tie and ‘DewciBox’ embedded on the top. (unfortunately my box arrived to Cara with a small amount of damage on the top left of the hinge area so shows the white paper beneath the black finish; but we’ll just try and overlook that bit) The packaging is pretty discreet unless someone knows the name, its attractive and solid enough to use as a storage box in the future. Loving the presentation here. It feels luxurious and understated with enough class to pique my intrigue. Lifting the lid finds some tissue paper and a nice thick card list of all the items contained with a brief description


Durex Play Warming Lube – 50ml

Kama Sutra Playing Cards – Tease & Please

Organza Bag of Red Rose Petals – You & Me by Creative Conceptions

You and Me Silky Red Blindfold – Creative Conceptions

Rocks Off 10 Speed Ignition Rechargeable Bullet – Waterproof

Shunga Massage Candle Aphrodisia – 170ml, 40 hours burn

Rocks Off Sensual Massage Oil – 100ml, 100% natural

Milk Chocolate Hearts X2 – contains milk soya. May contain nut and gluten traces

My first thoughts on the contents were pretty good actually, there was nothing that immediately screamed straight couple ie: cock ring or condoms, it had a minimal kink feel to it what with the blindfold. I thought the rose petals and chocolate hearts were a sweet touch definitely making this one feel like a more romantic and in their words Intimate box. My only trepidation came with the Durex warming lube. I’ve had a bad experience with a tingle lube by Durex before so a moments panic as I relived the burn…the burn!… but fear not intrepid pleasure explorers I will try it with an open mind for the sake of science!

The Shunga Massage candle was a welcome addition, I’ve been wanting to try one of these for some time now and the initial smell when I popped the top was just heavenly. Exotic Fruits was the scent and it almost made my mouth water.

Anyway I’ll give a run down of each item and my overall verdict. First impressions were good though.

Durex Play Warming Lube – 50ml

DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-7

Well it was a pleasant surprise and a sigh of relief that I did not have any unwanted reactions to this Warming lube from Durex! No rushed, John Wayne style running to the bathroom to wash it off..Yay!! Downside is that there are no ingredients listed on the labelling which is disappointing. I couldn’t find the ingredients anywhere and all I could be sure of is that it is a water based lube.

Can’t say I felt much of a warming sensation to be honest but then again maybe my loins were burning from pleasure anyway 😉 A pleasant, silky smooth lube which isn’t too sticky, no smell and no real taste either. Fair to say it does its job.


Kama Sutra Playing Cards – Tease & Please

What can I say here apart from they didn’t really play a part for me and my girlfriend seeing as neither one of us has the necessary equipment, yes we could have used a strap on and had a go but to be honest these cards just made us giggle a bit, focusing on the facial expressions had us in fits. So amusement factor yes, sexy factor zero I’m afraid. That being said for the right couple this could be a fun little game to get the party started so to speak, especially if you are feeling flexible and like a challenge 😉

1/10 (amusement factor)

Organza Bag of Red Rose Petals – You & Me by Creative Conceptions

DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-6

These petals definitely add to the whole romantic feel of this DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box. They come in a cute little organza bag with a decent number of petals included to scatter wherever you desire. Haphazardly strewn across the bed, they made a pleasant, eye catching display that suited our date night. Scattering them over each other was also fun and definitely a feast for the eyes. The deep red against pale skin really does it for me.


You and Me Silky Red Blindfold – Creative Conceptions

Contained in a slim black and red cardboard sleeve style box the Silky Red Blindfold pretty much does what it says on the tin! It’s silky and shiny with stretchy, elastic strings to keep it in place. I didn’t think the finish was fantastic to be honest, some of the stitching is a little bit rough in places so aesthetically not at its best but it did all it needed to.

It has lasted through the several tests it’s been subjected too with no ill effects and you can’t see a thing when it’s on, apart from appearing to be looking through rose tinted glasses because of the vivid red colour, perfectly acceptable image whilst in a sexy sensation play time.


Rocks Off 10 Speed Ignition Rechargeable Bullet – Waterproof

Ahh Rocks Off you’ve stolen a piece of my heart with this beauty. A rechargeable bullet is a fantastic idea and one I relish. I am scatty and ditzy and never remember to buy batteries so this is perfect for me. It’s small and discreet (until the highest level vibrations do make it a bit noisy!) the gold, shiny colour is not necessarily something I would have chosen for myself as I love the funky designs and colours by Rocks Off but it does nicely match the romantic vibe (pun intended) of the DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box. The Ignition bullet is waterproof has 10 settings; 3 continuous and 7 patterns and will last you up to an hour from a 50 minute charge.

The packaging is simple and effective in black and gold with all your essential information, easy to read and right where you need it. If you have any other Rocks Off products that make use of a bullet then you can use this one instead making other toys rechargeable too which is an added little extra.

The charging is easy with the USB charger that disappears into one of those nifty kind of self sealing silicone ports. Don’t be afraid when inserting this though, it feels like it won’t go in but trust me it will! Oh the puns the puns!! With one button controls it couldn’t be simpler, press to start and keep pressing to scroll through then a press and hold to turn off.

The vibrations are pretty damn powerful too, mid to top speed being my favourite, as it is strong enough to have my clit and me screaming in the best possible way. Somewhat on the buzzy rather than rumbly side, however they are powerful enough to hold their own.  The Ignition has a fairly pointed tip which is great for precise clit stimulation and fits nicely in hand for a holding yourself or being wielded by a partner. Both men and women can be sure to benefit from the stimulation of this bullet. All in all a very welcome addition to this box.


Shunga Massage Candle Aphrodisia – 170ml, 40 hours burn

Love it! Can I just leave it at that? OK well the smell is divine, it’s apparent every time I lift the lid of the DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box, and makes me half want to eat it and half want to smother myself in it. I opted for the latter when testing, light it up and leave it to burn for a good 20 minutes to start. The smell when first lit takes a little while to permeate the air but totally worth the wait for both the fragrance and the experience.

When pouring out the heated oil, it is pretty hot immediately, so be prepared for this and maybe wait a few seconds at least if you are uncomfortable with this idea. It pours out quickly and easily from the angled tin and when smoothed over the skin, that warmth is truly delicious. It feels silky and so gorgeous when being massaged over your body. I felt like the oil lasted a great length of time when used too, it didn’t immediately sink into the skin and made it easy to work with. I thought at one point that it was becoming waxy again but it actually takes on almost a cream like texture at one point as it cools then just keeps gliding and leaving a sweet smelling smooth and a little oily residue on the skin.

It is however a very feminine scent to me. Perfect in my situation but in hetero couple use the guy may not want to smell of exotic fruits so could be that it’s only the ladies that benefit from this one. That said anyone that doesn’t relish the opportunity to run their hands all over their naked, oiled up partner aren’t going to like this regardless of the smell. Personally I loved everything about this product. The packaging which is primarily black, gold and purple is eye catching and luxurious, the smell is heavenly and the feel is so lovely. I think this will be a regular purchase for me once this one has run out. At 40 hours of burn time though it will last you a few sessions.


Rocks Off Sensual Massage Oil – 100ml, 100% natural

First off I love that this oil is 100% natural. With a whole yummy mix that includes coconut oil, hemp oil and Vitamin E, you know you should be in safe hands for all different skin types.

The bottle itself is in a heart shape with a pump action dispenser. The oil comes out easily and cleanly from the pump and the labelling is quite minimal but everything you need to know is plain and simple to read.

The smell of this oil is less sweet than the Shunga and perhaps a little more suitable for any guys out there that fancy a rub down too. It has a lovely soft, smooth feel to it and doesn’t leave too much of an oily residue and instead sinks into the skin and just leaves it feeling soft and luscious.


Milk Chocolate Hearts X2 – contains milk soya. May contain nut and gluten traces

Dewci Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-33

Yummy! They didn’t last long..The End. Seriously though they were tasty enough, nice that you’re told the ingredients and chocolate never goes amiss in my house! That said, once you open the Shunga candle do not store in the same place as the chocolate as it does take on the fragrance/flavour! I saved one to eat at the end of the review to reward myself and kind of wished I hadn’t (my girl doesn’t eat much chocolate she didn’t mind me having both, I promise!).


Phew there we have it – the substantial list of products that comes in this £49 DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box. It seems like quite good value for money, combining everything from a sweet treat to a decent vibrator in the form of the Rocks off Ignition Bullet. A little mystery with the blindfold and a romantic, sensual massage in between.


This definitely strikes me as a romantic date night feel box that would suit many people I’m sure. But isn’t going to tick everyone boxes.

Me personally, I feel DewciBox are half way there. The bullet, the Shunga candle, the rose petals and chocs are winners and mostly universal for male, female, gay, straight and everything in between.

DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-27

The Karma Sutra cards were a bit pointless for me and very much based on a hetero couple but maybe they will bring some fun to some people. I don’t know if the second massage oil was strictly necessary though after having the candle as well. They are both lovely with their own merits but I didn’t feel the need for two. I would pick the Shunga candle out of the two purely for the warm oil option and the candle itself, I am a sucker and a bit of a girl when it comes to a pretty, smelly candle. I love the Rocks Off one too but it lost a bit of the spotlight with the candle.

The blindfold was ok but a little cheap looking. My advice would be to drop the second massage oil and add a better blindfold or kink style option and replace the Durex lube with a great quality, body safe option like Sliquid. The cards were wasted for me so add the value of these to better products on the lube and blindfold.

Overall I find it quite a good mix and balance for all types of couples with just a few tweaks here and there. Good value, great packaging, mostly quality products and a good romantic theme carried out.

Dewci Relaxing Intimate Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-6

I think this DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box could be one of the companies more popular products at present as I feel it carries the most universal mix of products. I would love it if they could make a few minor changes to make it less hetero and break the mould a bit. Go on be brave, you could be missing out on a huge group of customers. It’s the highest price one I believe but for quality products this won’t be a problem for most people. Add another box with a few of the things I mentioned above and I could almost be a convert. Even with my vast array of sex toys, if my girl arrived home one night with this she would reap many rewards I’m sure.


Many Thanks to Cara Sutra and DewciBox for providing me with the DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

– Red Divine

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Red Divine for this review of the DewciBox Relaxing & Intimate Box Sex Toy Subscription Box (£49; other types of boxes also available) 

This sex toy subscription box was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by DewciBox. Thank you! 🙂

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