DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box (April 2016) Pleasure Panel Review

9 out of 10

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review (April 2016)

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe

The DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box is an adult subscription box for the monthly price of £25. Every month you receive a box that is full of random surprises. This is definitely suited more to couples who are sex toy beginners or those looking to spice up a particular evening. They are cute little boxes full of lots of amazing goodies!

The DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box comes with a sheet that lists everything in your box and its prices. The box is black and has a magnetic catch that keeps the box closed with a little bow. It was full to the brim of goodies which was a lovely surprise.

It was packaged with tissue paper and packaged really nicely. My DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box had a few leaflets one that contained all the information on the products with prices in the box and also a leaflet offering a discount on a future order which is a good incentive.

Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for men

RRP £19.99 for pack of 4

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review (April 2016)

These tablets are designed to sustain performance and also enhance confidence. They come in a nifty black pack which entertained me quite a bit – as you pull down the information from the packet the tablets pop out the top. They contain Siberian ginseng and Maca which are both herbal extracts for men.  These are to be taken 2 hours before activity. I had already written this part of my review saying how I was severely let down by these tablets, but as four hours went by we noticed a difference. All of a sudden he had this massive erection for us to play with (even though we had finished what we were doing). I couldn’t believe the difference it made and he continued to be erect after he finished. Then through the night and the next day he carried on having random erections which did make us giggle! So I would definitely recommend these, but ignore the instructions and take well in advance!

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Vibrator

RRP £12.99

This vibrator is quite a simple but productive bullet. It is 3.75 inches in length and 2.25 inches in width. It’s made from plastic but coloured in a chrome finish. It is an effective bullet and surprisingly does the job. I wasn’t expecting as much power behind it as it had, but overall it made me orgasm pretty quickly. The decent size makes for easy grip and makes it easier to use. The Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Vibrator has ten different varied settings which make’s for more fun. Another perk to this vibe is that it’s waterproof allowing for use in the bath. I found this bullet to be relatively quiet which made me feel more relaxed as I didn’t have to focus on the sound of that and more on my partner. For the price of this (which I took from the Lovehoney website) it is definitely worth its money!

Licx Mix for Her

RRP £5.99 for the 6 sachets box

This was one of my favourite things in the box. The Licx Mix for Her contained 6 sachets. 2 intimate wipes designed for after play to refresh and make you feel a bit cleaner. They contain Aloe Vera which makes every feel fresh and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling either. Also 2 arousal gels which I have to say were amazing. They heightened my sensitivity and made me orgasm very quickly compared to usual. These contained peppermint which you could obviously smell from a distance. There was a sachet of gel lube which was see-through and also felt very smooth. There was no sticky residue with this lube and it felt silky. The cream lube felt good too. It had a moisturising effect and really helped when it came to oral play making everything feel soft and incredibly moist.

Ayumi Sensual Massage, Bath & Body Oil 250ml

RRP £9.99

This oil has Ylang Ylang, Cedar wood, and Sandalwood & Calendula. This combination of essences are an amazing combo. They smell absolutely stunning. I love oils at the best of times but this has to be one of my favourite. The consistency isn’t too thin and watery making it easy to use and also it is super slippery so when massages turn in to more it can make it fun for sliding over someone’s body. I love everything about this oil from the smell to the orangey colour, to the amount you get in the bottle. For the usual price it’s an absolutely bargain especially when it contains quite expensive fragrances. What impressed me about this oil is that it can be added to the bath to create a nice relaxing environment. It’s very much a win-win for me. This is definitely another one of my favourites from the box.

Playboy Condoms 2 Premium latex condoms

RRP £5.99 for a 12 pack

I’m not a lover of condoms, as I don’t need to use them with my partner, but we decided to give these a go. To me these felt like any other condom. They had plenty of lubricant on them and felt like your usual latex condom. I was surprised they had included latex condoms rather than allergy free ones. I definitely think if you are getting a box of surprises then basics such as condoms should be latex-free styles. I don’t think personally I would go out of my way to buy these as I found them quite cliché but then I’m not a big fan of the Playboy brand. I find it quite childish compared to any of the other brands they could have put in there.


DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review (April 2016)

Two added bonuses that came in this box was two little cute chocolate love hearts and a Mojito mixer. The Mojito mixer was yummy, I love a good cocktail. These little extras made a difference as it made it feel more personalised and thoughtful.

Overall the DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box was a really great price for the products that came in it. Minimum value in this box was £54 of items. So considering you only pay £25 that is an absolutely bargain and the joy of it being a surprise is that you get something to look forward to every month. I would definitely recommend the DewciBox Monthly Box to any couple who are looking for something special to end a date night!


– Fesure Maybe

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe for this review of the DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box (April 2016) (£25; other styles & themes available) 

This adult subscription box was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by DewciBox. Thank you! 🙂

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review (April 2016)

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