DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box (April 2016) Pleasure Panel Review

8 out of 10

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kerrie Lacey

It was exciting to be chosen to receive the DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box to review because it was like a combination of a gift and new things to play with. I was sent the April 2016 box to try.

When the DewciBox Monthly box arrived I was very impressed before I opened it, as the actual box itself is lovely. The items come in a hard-shelled black box with just DewciBox written on it and tied with a bow and it has a magnetic catch keeping it closed.

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-1

As an avid re/upcycler I really liked this, not simply because it looks very classy and stylish but also because I now have a number of ideas buzzing through my head on how I can reuse it. Number one at the moment is to decoupage it and use it as my small vibe storage box.

I waited until Mr L came home and we opened it together and we were impressed with what was inside given the number and quality of the items we found.

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-2

On opening the box there were two cards, one explaining what DewciBox is and offering a discount voucher for their monthly subscription box. The other card listed the contents of the box I received, prices and helpfully where you can buy some of the items. These cards, like the box were very pleasant to look at and made of good quality paper/card adding to the overall feel of luxury and quality.

So what did we find in the box?

Zuyosa Sexual Vitality supplement for Men

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-3

‘A pack of 4 capsules, containing, minerals and extract that enhance confidence, desire and performance.’

Mr L took this ‘2 hours before sexual activity’ as advised on the packet .He was a little apprehensive, which I guess is natural for a man who wouldn’t take a paracetamol if his arm were falling off. After the 2 hours we got down to testing it’s effects.

From my point of view he did last a little longer but not hours and he said he didn’t experience much in the way of enhanced desire. In fact he said he didn’t experience much out of the ordinary.

I guess this might be different if he tried them again, as I know he was a little concerned about taking them in the first place and so might be more relaxed if he used one again in the future.

Not something we will buy again but interesting to try.

4 pack – £19.99

Ayumi Sensual Bath and Body Oil

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-5

Neither Mr L nor myself are especially in to massage – what I hear you cry!

I know but it’s just not our thing.

However he does like playing with my boobs and so took the opportunity to drip this over me and have a nice, slippery play. The oil felt lovely on my skin, smelt lovely and left my skin feeling very soft.

It can also be used in the bath as a luxurious soak, in the shower as a moisturiser.

We could also think of another use for this, my boobs and Mr L, as unlike Lube it doesn’t really rub completely in and a little goes a long way.

Not something we would usually buy but nice to try.

250ml – £9.99

Playboy Condoms

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-8

Included were 2 single latex condoms. They were wrapped (separately) in a Playboy logo’d card ‘box’ with the familiar foil wrapped condom inside.

Mr L and I don’t use condoms but did early in our relationship. We struggled to find any we really liked, despite their claims of being thinnest, allowing better feel and sensitivity, blah blah blah.

We have to say that these were a pleasant surprise. They are thin, are easy to apply and although Mr L said there was some loss of sensation, it was minimal and he thought they performed really well. I didn’t really notice much difference, he just felt well lubed to me and from my perspective they were really easy to get on.

We probably would have passed these by on the shelf as being a bit tacky or gimmicky but feel having tried them, we would have missed out.

For a 12 pack – £5.99

Lovehoney Magic Bullet

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-7

I tried this alone for a little bit of afternoon delight. Not much to say, just I loved it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this was a bit of a thrown in item, it was great.

£12.99 (on checking the website at the time of writing the review, as price not listed on the card)

Licx: Mix For Her

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-6

A box of six sachets of four different items.

The pack includes two intimate wipes, two sachets of arousal gel, one sachet of gel lube and one sachet of cream lube.

We used the arousal gel. This was great for two reasons – 1) because it doesn’t contain menthol, which is very common in female arousal products and to which I have an allergy and 2) because it worked VERY well and was really quite slippery, thus negating the need to add lube and water down it’s effects.

After playing I used one of the wipes to clean up – also very good.

A box like this would be great to take away for a sexy weekend and not have to lug around bottles.

It’s also a great price at £5.99

Funkin Mojito Mix

DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box April 2016 Review Pleasure Panel Kerrie Lacey-4

Now I come to the one thing we didn’t try.

It’s not because we weren’t interested but neither of us really drink and we don’t have any rum in the house and just didn’t get around to buying any because it would just sit there.

I guess this means that we need to book a hotel with a mini bar and take this with us – any excuse!

I’d like to try it, as I’ve never had a Mojito, so that will be another review.

Dewci Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-33

There were a couple of milk chocolate hearts in the box and these were lovely – it was also good to see allergen advice given about these on the contents card. I know, not sexy -but important.

So what did we think about the Dewcibox monthly box?

Overall we think the Dewcibox monthly box is great value for money and offered a great opportunity to try things we might never have considered trying in the usual way. The quality of the items was good and was matched by the look of the packaging, which would make this exciting to receive each month.

The value for money is obvious – the Dewcibox monthly box costs £25 per month and, if my maths is correct the price of the items comes to £54.95 plus the cost of the chocolate hearts and the Mojito mix (not listed) I think this is exceptional value.

I wonder if there is a facility to advise DewciBox about allergies? I wouldn’t want to receive latex condoms if I had a latex allergy but this may be beyond what they can do – individualized boxes – for the price they offer.

I really like the idea of these Dewcibox monthly boxes but think they might not be for us as a regular thing but could be great for those exploring the world of toys and other sex products.

Dewci Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel-10

However it was great fun testing the Dewcibox monthly box and we liked being able to test things we hadn’t used before, such as the massage oil and the capsules and the possibly sniffed at before Playboy condoms.

We would give the Dewcibox monthly box 8/10.

Thank you to DewciBox and Cara Sutra for the opportunity to test the box.

– Kerrie Lacey

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kerrie Lacey for this review of the DewciBox Monthly Sex Toy Subscription Box (April 2016) (£25; other box types available)

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by DewciBox. Thank you! 🙂

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