DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box – Pleasure Panel Review

6 out of 10

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Random Red Rose

For some people, choosing which sex toys they would like to try can be daunting.  There are thousands to choose from and while some look very similar, some can look quite shocking.  Then there’s the choice of dildos, vibrators, couples toys, anal toys and a whole host of others; never mind the choices of lubricants, massage oils, condoms and games.  There are so many variables and therefore there are reviews to be read in order to help decide how good each one has the potential to be, and obviously these reviews can differ depending on the individuals etc. It can be really difficult to decide what you want to spend your hard earned money on.

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

DewciBox have decided to try and help out the lost, confused and indecisive (this is definitely me sometimes!) by offering a sex toy subscription box service.  Every month they send a little box of goodies to your door.  No choosing required. What’s inside the little black box will be a complete surprise!

As well as the standard monthly box, DewciBox offer three other boxes that can be purchased as a one off.  The Fun Loving Dewci, the Dewci Weekender and the Relaxing Intimate DewciBox.

So when the Sex Toy Fairy (CaraSutra) waved her magic rumbly wand my way and offered me, as part of the Pleasure Panel, the opportunity to try the DewciBox Fun Loving Box I was incredibly excited.  It arrived quickly and in discreet brown packaging which is always fabulous when you have nosey neighbours! When I opened the brown box I felt like I was being treated to something luxurious.  The black box that was revealed is very classy, sturdy and sealed by a magnet and then a black ribbon.  I paused for a moment and then opened it.  The contents were bright and exciting.

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

Do you remember at the beginning of your relationship? I mean the very beginning, before children, mortgages and the general hustle and bustle of life could get in the way?  Where you had absolutely huge amounts of energy and all you did was laugh?  I think sometimes the silliness, the giddiness of finding someone so bloody wonderful that you just want to make them laugh constantly can get a little bit lost as time wears us down.  Not entirely; Mr Rose still likes to act like a ridiculous human being by sitting on my knee in the middle of a busy doctor’s waiting room and exclaiming that there just are not enough chairs just to make me blush -but these things do happen less and less often.  The DewciBox Fun Loving Box is definitely trying to bring this silly fun back into your relationship.  I think it does it’s job reasonably well. Giggling definitely happened.

The DewciBox Fun Loving Box included: A book entitled 101 of The World’s Most Effective Pick-Up Lines, I.O.U Sex Stickers For Him, Chocolate Body Paint, Sex & Mischief Playing Cards, Succulent Willy Lollypop, Milk Chocolate Hearts x2, Emergency Mini Vibrator, LoveHeart, Fleur D’Amour and Naughty Nights Raunchy Dare Dice.

I did have so much fun with this DewciBox Fun Loving Box and I can see it’s got so much potential.  I would definitely recommend purchasing it as a Hen Party gift or maybe for a special friend’s birthday.  Unfortunately after testing out all of the products I find myself wishing that the amount of items had been reduced in preference for more quality products.  I’ve reviewed each product individually below.  I love the idea but the products really let it down.  If I could have chosen the contents I would have chosen one or two high quality, fun games, a bullet vibrator, a chocolate body paint and the willy lollypop.

As it is I’d give the DewciBox Fun Loving Box an overall score of 6/10.

Products in the DewciBox Fun Loving Box:

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

101 of The World’s Most Effective Pick-Up Lines

This book is written by Keith Allen and Anthony Ferrari. It was first published in 1997 and it’s a collection of amusing (and some not so amusing) pick-up lines, put downs and even an instructional step by step guide on how to make a paper rose from a napkin.

This did make Mr Rose and I laugh as we took it in turns to read them to each other until we found one that we would have accepted.  The favourite was number 83 “Print up cards that say: ‘Smile…..’ on the front, and ‘…..if you want to sleep with me!’ on the back. Then watch your victim try to hold back the smile.”  I don’t know about you but I’d burst out laughing if this happened in a bar, but then I do like a cheeky man, which explains Mr Rose!

There were a few things within this book that I just didn’t like at all, like the chapter on rejection comebacks. This is a chapter dedicated to what to do when your pick-up lines fail miserably, as the majority in this book probably would.  An example is number 4.

“Excuse me….would you like to dance?”
“No…. I said you’re too fat to dance. Get off the floor or I’ll call the fat police.”

I’m sorry but I’m never going to like something that is purely designed to make someone feel bad, even if this book only includes it as a ‘funny’ chapter.  Overall for this book I would give it a 5/10.

Parts of it are funny, parts are terrible and parts are funny because they’re so terrible.

I.O.U Sex Stickers For Him

I absolutely loved playing with these!  They are preprinted post-it notes with a tick box theme.  If you’re feeling naughty you can tick the option you want to offer your partner.  For example I.O.U. Perform for Your Lover and the options are Act out and fulfil one of your sexual fantasies, Erotic lap dance or Perform a Striptease.

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

Once you’ve ticked which one your partner is allowed to reclaim the fun part commences… where to hide the post-it so he finds it and no one else does.  In our busy house this was quite difficult but fun and I giggled a lot when Mr Rose called to say he found one under the sun visor of his car.

These definitely provided a fun twist to everyday life!  I wish the sticky part was slightly stickier though. 9/10

Chocolate Body Paint

Mmmmmmmm chocolate and sex.  Has a more perfect combination of treats ever been suggested?  I don’t know about you but I love chocolate.  I also love Mr Rose and his awesome bod, so the idea of combining the two is a pretty indulgent idea for me.  I grabbed this black tube with its lovely gold writing and with my mouth watering I went to drizzle the chocolate down on to his body in a seductive manner.

Well, that was my intention.

I squeezed and I squeezed and squeezed that little tube.  My seductive persona was dissipating quicker than I thought imaginable.  I started going red in the face. Then a thin thick little string of chocolate escaped the tube about an inch long and I couldn’t contain myself any longer….the giggles escaped me as I cursed the makers of this tease of a product!

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

It led to an amazing night of laughter but not the sticky steamy night where chocolate meets flesh I was desiring. I have to admit later I did suck the chocolate straight from the tube… you can’t stop a chocoholic, only delay her!

Yummy, but 2/10

Sex and Mischief Playing Cards

There isn’t an awful lot to say about these cards.  They are pretty regular playing cards but they have beautiful women on them posed in quite classy but seductive positions.

I really liked them but once I started using them for a quick game they weren’t very interesting.  They do have a card amongst them that suggests sexy versions of games and a website to visit to learn how to play them but these just aren’t for me.

Random Red Rose DewciBox Fun Lovin Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review-6

I adore the pictures but other than that these didn’t impress. 4/10.

Succulent Willy Lollipop and Chocolate Hearts x2

I loved this little fella.  It was hilarious! Everybody has thought about teasing somebody by licking a lollipop seductively so what could be better than a lollipop shaped like a willy?

This whole thing brought fun and laughter to our day.  It tasted super sweet too, a little like candy floss.

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

The chocolate hearts were a really sweet touch too and were yummier than expected. 10/10

Emergency Mini Vibrator

“If in doubt seek urgent sexual attention.”  This Emergency Mini Vibrator was quite entertaining and did make me laugh.  This shiny silver, approximately 5 inch vibrator comes in a bright red box which looks almost like a break glass in the event of an emergency  switch.

I really like the fun factor of this vibrator but it does look like a cheap plastic toy – and when I removed it from the box that impression didn’t change.  The super shiny surface had scuff marks all over the tip  and body, which put me off using it straight away.  It requires 1x AA battery.  To turn it on you twist the bottom and that also controls the power level.

It is a very, very buzzy toy.  It’s also quite loud and within a couple of minutes your fingers are numb.  Other than the fun packaging there’s nothing really to like. I’d give it 2/10.

Love Heart

Love Heart is a little pink heart shaped box with 21 challenges inside.  It’s cute but the packaging does have some cosmetic flaws. Inside the 21 challenges are printed on little slips of paper and then rolled and placed neatly together inside. Take it in turns to pick one.

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

These are written in English on one side and Spanish on the other.  They were very sweet, I did like one that made you kiss your partner the amount of times that you’d been together… I may have requested this in the number of months… slightly greedy but hey.

I wish these were a little more direct. Some were quite vague like “tease your partner with whatever he/she feels like at this particular moment”.  I’d give these a 5/10.

Fleur d’Amour

This was my absolute favourite item in the DewciBox Fun Loving Box, other than the sweeties.  It’s a bright red rose which just seems so romantic – but it hides more than just thorns.

Peel back each petal and discover a direction, a task to perform.  Tell your partner why you love them, give a foot massage and many more.  This was sweet, slightly naughty and one particular task had us both giggling like fools.  Mr Rose took his spanking well (spanking is not something we normally do).

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

I would highly recommend the Fleur d’Amour even though it does have a lot of cosmetic flaws.  Its petals are frayed and folded and creased but the concept, much like the DewciBox Fun Loving Box itself, is brilliant. 8/10.

Naughty Nights Raunchy Dare Dice

The naughty nights raunchy dare dice are three small die, each with different words on each side.  We tried these after the Fleur d’Amour and I’m not sure if that’s the reason I disliked these so much.

On certain rolls the instructions just seemed ridiculous and tame.  I think they are a common novelty item that just weren’t impressive. On a positive note they’re a nice colour.

These would score just 2/10.

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box Review Pleasure Panel

Overall score for the DewciBox Fun Loving Box: 6/10

– Random Red Rose

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Random Red Rose for this review of the DewciBox Fun Loving Box Sex Toy Subscription Box (£42 for this box, other variations available) 

This box of treats was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by DewciBox. Thank you! 🙂

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