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7 out of 10
Megan Hart

The Devil’s Doorbell – An Erotic Anthology Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Poppycat22

I was really pleased to be sent The Devil’s Doorbell – An Erotic Anthology to read and review for the Pleasure Panel.

The Devil's Doorbell Erotic Book reviewI was sent the e-book version which was really great because it lived in my phone, which never leaves my side and meant it was always on hand to have a quick read.

The Devil’s Doorbell is a collection of seven erotic stories, varying in length from a single chapter to 12. Written by seven different authors, the stories all had a different sexual flavour. At the end of each tale there are some details about the authors and other work they have released. Common themes ran through all of them, the devil’s doorbell was referred to at least once in each story but was in keeping with the scene and didn’t feel awkward or cheesy. All of the stories are written with a strong female lead, which were independent and in some cases a little scared by life.

Reading The Devil’s Doorbell has fit into my busy life really well. Because the stories were each a reasonable length I felt able to pick it up on my lunch break or while I was waiting between appointments.

In writing the review I have been absolutely determined not to give away the plot of any of the stories because that’s part of the fun of reading it but I’m going to try and give a taste of each below.

The first is set at an English country wedding. The writing was perfectly detailed and created such clear imagery it felt like watching a film. This was an effortless read. Sexual theme: passionate.

I found the next to initially be quite confusing. The main character frequently changes her appearance and persona and visits local club Circle2. I quickly got invested in the characters and wanting to know where it was going. It had me on the edge of my seat, what was she going to do next? and more importantly, who with? Overall theme one night stands

The third is a reinvention after a heart break. It’s a tale that felt so familiar, the main character was easily likable and I found myself rooting for good things to go her way. Reading this in my car I laughed out loud, a great story and could maybe have been taken further.

Fourth story. Ok, so although this one was very readable, I was gripped, but I really didn’t like the lead character at any point. I started by trying to identify with her but soon found her to be not very nice. She has morals but no real way of implementing them. Her partner is in chastity and she is his everything. This story really played with my emotions and I couldn’t wait to find out what she’d do.

The fifth is really hot and gets quickly to the point. A new mobile app is being developed which leads to a very sexy descriptive scene.

Sixth comes a story that was a little different and very hot to read. The tension is built really well and includes a female lead that is bisexual. I feel the story could’ve gone further, is that a bad thing though? It left me wanting more.

The last was very different again. Starting with another strong female lead, this was a more unusual story but draws you in. Although I enjoyed the read, I was uncomfortable with the build up, it felt quite drawn out and got a bit frustrating.

Overall The Devil’s Doorbell – An Erotic Anthology was a really great read, powerful, gripping, empowering. It was really varied and held my interest well. As a reader I need to be caught on a story or it quickly turns to words on a page, I didn’t experience this at any point. I loved the writing styles and enjoyed how immersed I became in the characters. The sexual theme changing throughout The Devil’s Doorbell anthology kept my interest and provoked new thoughts. Some of the stories were about the story and some were about the sexual encounter itself, and again I saw this as a huge positive because it kept it interesting. A book with strong female characters that doesn’t patronise. Every single one provoked a response, a laugh, sexual tension, caring, frustration and an investment in the characters.

I’d recommend The Devil’s Doorbell to anyone that enjoys the story as much as the scene and is open to varied tastes.



– Poppycat22

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Poppycat22 for this guest review of the The Devil’s Doorbell – An Erotic Anthology (Kindle edition: £2.80)

This e-book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Megan Hart.

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