Demoniq Lingerie Review: Veronique Dresses, Anastasia Nightdress & Calixte Kimono Gown

8 out of 10

Demoniq Lingerie Review by Cara Sutra

Review of the Veronique Dresses 1 & 3, the Anastasia Nightdress & the Calixte Kimono Gown

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked if I’d like to review some lingerie, especially as I’ve been looking to add more styles to my lingerie collection recently. I was sent four items from the Demoniq Lingerie range at, and I’ve had so much fun with them. My partner hasn’t done too badly out of it either…

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

My Demoniq Lingerie Collection

Here are the items I received from the Demoniq Lingerie range. Click the links to jump to the specific review below, or to buy the item:

Packaging & First Impressions

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

The Demoniq Lingerie all arrived in separate boxes which are eye-catching, well designed and would fit in perfectly at any adult or lingerie-based high street retail outlet. The images on the glossy card boxes with hanging tags are erotic and sensual without being explicit. Although all the pieces are black and mostly kink-inspired, with chains and wet-look material, the overall feeling is classy and elegant.

The boxes also give you some information about what size is contained inside, as well as what fabrics the piece is made from.

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

I was extremely excited to open the boxes and reveal each lingerie piece. It’s cute how each item of lingerie is folded with tissue paper in its own ‘drawer’ which you slide out from the outer glossy card surround. The boxes are therefore convenient to use as storage.


Each item (except for the Calixte Kimono Gown) came with a matching G-string. Following sizing advice from the supplier, I was sent size L/XL of the Veronique Dresses & the Anastasia Nightdress, and Large for the Calixte Kimono Gown. The items are available in sizes S/M, L/XL or XXL, with the Calixte available in Small, Medium, Large, XL or XXL. I’m currently a UK size 12 (14 in some jeans as I’m exceedingly bootylicious) and 34DD/32E bra size.

Included G-Strings

I didn’t wear the included G-strings in my photos, because I had the same problem with these as I usually do with the ‘free matching G-string’ so much lingerie arrives with. The Demoniq G-strings are a bit of an upgrade, admittedly, as the ones with the Veronique dresses have chain sides and a small O-ring at the back, while the Anastasia G-string has a bit of lace. But they don’t provide enough coverage for me to feel comfortable wearing them.

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

Note: I’m not a fan of this sort of stringy (or chainy) underwear, I usually want a comfy gusset and wider lace sides. Maybe I’m showing my age by insisting on a bit of coverage and comfort, although I’m not quite at ‘Bridget Jones big pants’ level yet.

Let me take you through what I thought of each item in turn.

My Demoniq Lingerie Reviews

Demoniq Lingerie Black Rose Veronique 1 Dress

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono GownThe Veronique dresses are so attractive to me. Black, stretchy wet look material with chain additions, they’re definitely kink-inspired and add a wickedly seductive element when worn in the bedroom. I personally wouldn’t wear them anywhere else as they’re far too short for me to be comfortable in. If I take more than two or three steps in it, it rolls up over my hips and bum. My partner assures me it’s not a problem, and why would I need to be walking anywhere anyway?

I prefer the Demoniq Lingerie Black Rose Veronique 1 Dress to the Veronique 3. I love that I can choose whether I wear the dress with the chains to the front, which gives me (even more) epic cleavage, or to the back which reveals a cheeky peek at my bum. The shoulder straps are comfortable and the chains are fairly slender – not slim enough so as to be fragile during wear, but not so chunky you freeze your nipples off putting it on. They warm to your body temperature quickly.

Even though it’s not practical to wear a bra with this mini-dress, I find I don’t need to. The clingy material keeps my boobs up and in position even though they’re not the smallest. I like the look the Veronique 1 Dress gives me and it’s been extremely popular with my partner – and Instagram followers!

Photo Gallery: Veronique 1 Dress

Demoniq Lingerie Black Rose Veronique 3 Dress

I had the same problems with the length of the Veronique 3 Dress as I did the Veronique 1, it simply pings up and is soon around my waist if I walk a few steps in it. I’m rather curvy in the hips and bum area which probably contributes to that. That wasn’t too much of a problem though as I never plan to move (vertically) all that much while wearing it. The main issue with the Veronique 3 Dress for me was the chain shoulder straps, and the bust area.

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

Perhaps it’s because I have quite a generous bust, but the chain shoulder straps dig into my shoulders quite a bit while wearing this dress and it’s not so comfortable. I also need to pull each boob up, one by one, so it sits in each shaped cup area, but even then I tend to spill out of the middle giving me that dreaded 4-boob effect. It’s a shame because other than that, the dress is lovely.

If the chains were adjustable in length I’m sure the problem would be eased if not eliminated. As it is, I’ll always pick the Veronique 1 Dress over this one, despite loving the effect of the rest of the dress.

Photo Gallery: Veronique 3 Dress

Demoniq Lingerie Black Rose Anastasia Nightdress

This is my favourite piece from my mini Demoniq Lingerie Collection. I feel seductive while wearing it, but elegantly so. It’s just the right balance of kinky (with the wet look central panel) and traditionally feminine (with lace cups and sheer, ankle length fall of material) to make me feel every inch the sensual sex goddess.

As soon as my partner saw me wearing this he said it really suits me, that it’s very ‘me’.

The lace cups are obviously semi-transparent, giving a sexy, subtle hint of nipples beneath. Although I love the tinge of kink offered by the central wet-look panel, I wish it were a little tighter on me rather than wrinkling – it’s very comfortable but I would have preferred a body-hugging fit in this area. Just personal taste and body shape.

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

Note: nipple pasties, knickers & stockings are my own

The long fall of sheer material down to my ankles is made of of two sides, so there’s a split from the central panel at both the front and the back. This gives teasing glimpses of your legs and underwear – or that you’re not wearing any – as you walk around.

Photo Gallery: Anastasia Nightdress

Demoniq Lingerie Elegant Angels Calixte Kimono Gown

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono GownUnlike the Veronique Dresses, which were tight and small on me despite being sent the L/XL sizes, the Elegant Angels Calixte Kimono Gown feels like I could have gone a size down. There are swathes of material, and it took me a while to figure out how to do it up.

You can tie the ribbons to either your left or right side, using the space sewn especially to thread the ribbon through on either side.

The almost bell-style sleeves stop just short of my wrists, and the sheer black material features a highlight of pretty floral lace down each arm. There’s a wet-look edge to the hems, and the black ribbon ties are extremely long so you can tie a bow or double bow as dramatic as you desire.

The Calixte Gown is very comfortable to wear, and I’m wearing it over one of my other nightdresses in the photo. It’s not a gown that’s easy to grab and quick to tie up, you need to thread a ribbon through the hole and tie it etc. But as an additional teasing layer to a bedroom outfit designed for seduction, it’s timelessly elegant and beautiful.

Photo Gallery: Calixte Kimono Gown


The Demoniq Lingerie has bridged the gap between traditional lingerie and fetishwear for me. It has a playful, kinky edge, but with an elegant, sophisticated flair. The pieces are beautifully and professionally wrapped and presented in the drawer-style glossy boxes, and some items come with a matching G-string.

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono GownMy only issues are that the dresses are slightly too short for me personally (I’m 5’7 so they may be perfect on a shorter person), the chain shoulder straps are not adjustable on one of the dresses, I’m not into the style of G-string included and the gown takes a bit of time to fasten.  I’m pretty shocked that I’m a size L/XL with this brand too (and even then the dresses are on the extremely small side) despite being a UK size 12 (14 on the hips but a very narrow waist). If you’re a curvy type like me then please bear this in mind.

They’re also not the cheapest pieces of lingerie out there, but this is reflected in a higher quality finish to the garments than you’d usually find with ‘sex shop’ lingerie, and with such a variety of unusual styles offered in the range.

If you’re looking to add something new to your lingerie collection, want to get playfully kinky in the bedroom or you’re looking for a sophisticated, seductive gift for a lover – or to treat yourself – then the Demoniq Lingerie collection could be right up your street.

Buy Your Demoniq Lingerie Today

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Thanks so much to for sending these gorgeous, glamorous items of lingerie for me to wear, enjoy and review.


Demoniq Lingerie Review Veronique Dresses Anastasia Nightdress and Calixte Kimono Gown

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