DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review

8 out of 10

DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review (White/Pink)

This gorgeous, cute and fluffy set arrived early on in 2019; what a start to this year’s product reviews. The DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set was sent to me for the purposes of this fair and honest review, by ddlgworld.net and is usually priced at £49.99. Follow them on Instagram too! I’ve been sent the white/pink set, but it’s also available in other colour schemes: pink/blue, purple/pink, pink/black, pink/purple, blue/pink, black/pink, white/black.

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DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review

DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review

I was especially pleased to receive this set for review because not only is it rare I get sent a cute, fluffy product to review (it’s a far cry from industrial strength sex machines and magic wand vibrators), I do actually have the DDLG kink. As regular readers will already know, thanks to my various erotic stories and sex diary entries themed around ageplay and the Daddy/little girl kink in particular.

Oh! I had to look up what ‘Neko’ means; it was a new one on me! *purrs*

Arrival & Packaging

My DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set arrived in discreet outer packaging, and was safely packaged inside the non-descript outer box. A pink pixelated kitty adorns the front of a white drawstring bag, inside of which I found the kitten ears and tail plug.

They were separately wrapped to keep them fresh, and the plug part of the tail was wrapped and banded. A long pink ribbon tied in a bow around the tail plug was a sweet finishing touch.

First Impressions

The faux fur on both the ears and tail plug fluff up brilliantly – some lower quality tails have been difficult to get ‘fluffed’ due to short fibres, and (I guess) a cheaper faux fur material being used. I can feel there’s a flat, wide-ribbon style material as the foundation of the tail, and I wish (like I have wished previously, with other tail plugs) that the centre was cylindrical instead. However, the faux fur fluffs out enough with this one that unless you smooth your fingers down the length (*snigger*) you can’t tell it’s anything but a vaguely cylindrical tail.

DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review

Although there was a wide pink ribbon tied into a pretty bow around the tail plug upon first opening, it’s not affixed to the tail plug and seems to be mostly decorative. However, I guess you could either tie it around the top of the tail before/during use for added cuteness (then wash thoroughly afterwards) or stash it with your gift wrap accessories to brighten up a future gift. It’s tempting to use the ribbon for wrist/ankle bondage but it’s not safe enough to be comfortable for me; ribbon knots can slip into being extremely tight and then become slow/difficult/impossible to unfasten.

Let’s take a look at the kitten ears and tail buttplug in more depth:

DDLG Neko Kitten Ears

The Neko White/Pink Kitten Ears are triangular faux fur ears attached to a slim black metal headband with rubber tips for comfort behind your (actual!) ears.

Each of the kitten ears is about 3.5 to 4 inches at the highest point, with a full fluff of the faux fur. They are very well attached to the headband; I don’t have any worries about the ears becoming detached any time soon. I like that the headband is dark in colour – it’s particularly good for me with dark hair but something to bear in mind if you’re blonde. The rubber tips on the end of the headband are a welcome addition as I find this style of metal headband uncomfortable behind the ears after a while, otherwise.

Mostly, I just love the fact that these kitten ears are all of the cute, and in a style/colour scheme I probably wouldn’t have chosen myself. Wearing them helps put me in that ‘cute lil girl’ frame of mind, ready to play with and tease ‘Daddy’ during our extremely kinky sessions. He says he likes looking down and seeing the pretty kitty ears…

DDLG Neko Tail Buttplug

The Neko Tail Buttplug in White/Pink is a length of faux fur in traditional tail shape (with tail-like tip) attached to a small-sized metal butt plug, with flared base.

The faux fur tail part is 15 inches in length. The plug is 2.5 inches in length, so just under 2.5 inches insertable, with a maximum circumference of 3.4 inches. I believe this plug would be suitable for anal play beginners who have had a little experience in using anal tools such as small beads, probes or even manual exploration.

As I’m experienced with butt plugs and anal sex, the Neko Tail Buttplug wasn’t difficult to insert at all. Just a couple of dots of water-based lube and it slipped in. I love that combination of slick insertion and cool metal, quickly warming to body temperature. The tail was really comfortable to wear, both the internal and external parts, and I felt very pretty swishing it about as best I could – especially while wearing the kitten ears, too.


In conclusion, the DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set is a cute little kit which provides an easy and instant transformation for anyone wishing to try out a bit of DDLG kink, or looking to expand their existing toy/dress-up collection. Both the tail plug and the kitten ears are made to a good standard of manufacture; I don’t have any worries about them falling apart any time soon. The ears are fixed well to the headband, and the same goes for the metal plug and the faux fur tail.

The price is a little high, in my opinion, for this two-piece set. However, it does come in a generous variety of colour schemes so you can pick your fave and/or match your existing roleplay outfits.
Top tip: Make kitty eyes at Daddy and get him to buy it for you 😉

Where To Buy Your DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set

DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review

You can buy the DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set from ddlgworld.net – click through the button below to find out more & to purchase yours.

DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review

Thanks so much to DDLG World for sending me their DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set in White/Pink in exchange for my honest review.


DDLG World Neko Tail Buttplug And Kitten Ears Set Review

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