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Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase: Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Eliza93Marie

Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase: book review: I have somewhat recently​ become a curvy girl, and I have a very good sex life. However, like many other women, I struggle with body confidence and don’t always feel comfortable in my own skin. My nose is too big, my belly hangs over my pants and my butt is big and flat all at the same time. Elle Chase says, “I hope this book will show you how to own and accept your body the way it is right now…” And I certainly hope that it does.

Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase Book Review

I love the thought process in this book. Right off the back there is so much detail and info from explaining the pronouns she uses to the reasons behind the adjectives she uses. So much thought and effort went into making any and all readers feel comfortable and I love it!

Chapter 1:

Short and straight to the point, with an anatomy lesson that kept my attention from the start.

Chapter 2:

In Chapter 2 the number vibe essentials and the numbered pictures didn’t quite match up. This might be a tad confusing for some, so just Google the product listed.

This chapter is chalked full of great information from body safe sex toys to great places to find reviews!

Chapter 3:

This chapter has so many amazing tips for communication, dirty talk, and getting and staying in the mood to get down and dirty.

Chapter 4:

Many, many positions that will help us thicker ladies find a comfy way to lay or position ourselves differently to flick the bean. A few helpful hints to find great erotica or tutorials that are shown in here also.

Chapter 5:

“It’s an efficiency move, like tying back your hair to give a blowjob…” Nobody was harmed in the making of this chapter. Great twists and varieties of OG ‘missionary’ position or male dominant positions. Lots of fun stuff to try and test, but dear lord have them pillows handy!!

Chapter 6:

“Vaginas Don’t Gain Weight”. Elle Chase is hitting it home with this sex fact! From classic tantra positions to reverse cowgirl and everything in between. A million and one receiver on top positions to choose from.

Chapter 7:

Sex from behind and Anal tips !!!! I love butt stuff and this chapter is so exciting! Wild Rover, and tons of varieties of doggy style in this Chapter!

Chapter 8:

Lots of spoon worthy sex positions. hot, Hot, HOT!!!

Chapter 9:

The almighty 69 and the 96?!? Lots of different positions for giving and receiving oral!

Chapter 10:

Stringing the pearls, strap on sex, and car sex! Lots of fun, and tons of positions!!!

10 chapters, 101 positions for hot, sexy, body confidence building sex! I’m a thick gal and cannot wait to try all 101 of these positions as the receiver and  maybe a few (or a hundred) as the giver. Elle Chase is an amazing sex positive influence in our world and I’m so glad I was able to review her brand new book!


– Eliza93Marie

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Eliza93Marie for this review the sex guide book Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase (from £11.04 on Amazon Kindle)

This book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author, Elle Chase. Thank you! 🙂

Curvy Girl Sex by Elle Chase Book Review

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